Things That Make You a “Cool Mom,” According to a Survey

As moms, we use all of our strength to raise our children to be their best selves. However, according to a survey, kids actually have noticed key elements that make a mother a “cool one.” You might even be surprised to learn that sometimes spoiling yourself along with your kids isn’t such a bad idea.

We at Bright Side stumbled upon a survey that revealed 7 out of 10 people thought their mom was “cool,” and we’re sharing how they actually came to this decision.

Being open with their kids

Out of the 68% of the participants who said that they had a “cool mom,” 62% of them thought so because their mom talked with them openly about everything and anything. This means that honesty is one of the key components to being a cool parent.

Having relaxed rules

Another key that might affect the “cool mom” idea is having rules that aren’t that strict. It appeared that half of the participants in the survey agreed that relaxing the rules just a little bit might not be such a bad thing. They said that their moms were cool because they let them get away with the things that a “regular” mom wouldn’t even think of forgiving.

Spoiling the kids and herself

52% of the moms from the survey were considered great gift-givers. They had a tendency to not just spoil their kids but also themselves. This, in fact, made their mom different and cooler than the others.

Having great taste

Also, 52% of the participants said that their mothers had great taste when it came to picking out gifts and spoiling them. This serves as another key element of what makes a “cool mom.”

Do you have a “cool mom?” What makes her stand out? Were you spoiled by your mom? What’s the most special moment you’ve shared that you’ll remember forever?

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