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Why Parents Need to Stop Preparing School Lunches for Kids

“Organized children aren’t simply born. They are raised,” said Dr. Damon Korb, a pediatrician and a father of 5. He believes that helping your kids take on their own lunch-making duties will make them more confident and independent thinkers.

We at Bright Side also want our children to be creative thinkers and problem solvers. And we decided to find out how letting your kid pack their own lunch box can benefit them.

1. They practice forward thinking.

Preparing their own school lunches teaches kids how to plan ahead. They need to think about whether they’re going to be hungry if they don’t pack enough or about what to put into the lunch box. The best way to develop these important planning skills is to engage kids in everyday tasks.

2. They can learn problem-solving.

Making lunch requires planning and problem-solving. Kids will have to tell parents if they’re running out of some food and whether they need to buy something. Trying new things can be challenging for children, but learning from their mistakes and attempting complicated tasks promotes problem-solving, according to Dr. Korb.

3. They learn order.

There’s an order in following a recipe, and preparing a meal helps kids to learn sequence and routines. If your child struggles with a task, break it down into simpler steps. For example, parents can encourage kids by keeping simple food supplies on-hand.

4. They make healthier food choices.

Children who help with household chores tend to eat more vegetables and have less likes and dislikes of foods. They are also less likely to skip breakfast and to have snacks, and usually choose more healthy foods. Offering your child choices gives them the independence they need as they get older, Dr. Korb believes.

5. They learn independence.

By the third grade, most children can make their own breakfast and pack their own lunch for school. It teaches them time management and how to make independent decisions. It’s the perfect time for parents to step back and take at least one task off their to-do list.

Do you prepare school lunches for your kids? Have they ever wanted to do it themselves?

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