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Why Princess Diana Always Spoke to Kids at Eye Level, and How It Can Help You Connect With Your Child

Princess Diana was the first royal to ever get down at eye level with the children she met. Before her, other members of the royal family would just bend over and look down at kids. When she was working as a teacher’s assistant at a Montessori school in London, Diana learned that crouching down to look into a child’s eyes while talking to them makes them feel safe and welcomed.

We at Bright Side believe there’s so much the world can learn from the “Queen of Hearts.” And we decided to take a closer look at how this royal parenting trick can help us improve the way we talk to our kids. We also prepared a handy life hack for you to check out in the bonus.

1. It helps children feel like they’re important.

Something as simple as lowering yourself to the child’s level helps them feel valued. When you make eye contact with your child, it sends out the message that you’re fully engaged in what they’re telling you. According to Montessori specialists, kneeling down to speak to your child makes them feel that you respect them and what they have to say truly matters.

2. It makes them feel safe.

When you’re looking down at a child or bending your knees a little bit, it may seem intimidating to them. Establishing eye contact with a child before you begin speaking and using your whole body to communicate shows respect. When you get on the same level as your child, it helps them understand that you’re giving them your full attention, and they feel more connected and secure.

3. It attracts the child’s attention.

Every parent can agree that getting your child’s attention may sometimes seem impossible. When you’re kneeling to the level of your child, they can see your eyes, tongue, and lips when you speak. Thus, the child receives information before you even begin speaking, and it helps you engage them in conversation.

4. It helps you understand your child better.

You know how kids can make a big deal about small things? Well, it’s because the small things are actually huge to them. Being on eye level with your child allows you to see what they see. Experiencing things from their perspective will give you a better understanding of how your child perceives the world.

Bonus: a royal parenting trick to help you connect with your child

It’s hard for children to describe how they feel, and something as simple as crafting together can help them express their emotions. Kate Middleton and Prince William often make fun crafting projects with kids to help them express their feelings. Working together with their parents helps children feel valued and more confident as they find creative ways to solve problems.

Have you ever tried speaking to your child at eye level? Do you find this trick helpful?

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