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15 Times Pregnant Celebs Proudly Showed Us Their Baby Bumps Instead of Covering Them Up

When it comes to choosing pregnancy outfits and adjusting to new body shapes, moms-to-be are divided. Some of them prefer to cover their baby bumps under layers of fabric and wear loose dresses and shirts, while others choose to highlight their new bodies with something more glamorous. Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Ashley Graham, and other pregnant celebrities sparkled in their pregnancy outfits and gave us a few lessons on how to style our baby bumps without baggy clothing.

We at Bright Side selected pregnant photos of celebrities that prove maternity style can look very different when future moms don’t hold themselves back from getting creative with fashion.

Rihanna put on a shredded top and shredded pants with sequins, and her ensemble let us all see her belly.

Jennifer Lawrence was not afraid of wearing a tight dress with large polka dots.

Ashley Graham’s pregnancy dress looked like a second skin and highlighted her every curve.

Here she is, wearing an even bolder dress.

This dress Ashley chose would look pretty conservative if its skirt wasn’t transparent.

Anne Hathaway proudly demonstrated her shape in this purple gown with cutouts just above the baby bump.

And here, the actress showcased her belly with a tiered blouse paired with classic pants.

A pregnant Olivia Wilde sparkled in this deep green dress with a bold cutout in the belly area.

Kim Kardashian emphasized her new shape with a tight white dress that hugged her curves.

And here, she showed off her baby bump in a lace black dress.

Here is a cutout maternity dress again, this time, from the gorgeous Kerry Washington.

A pregnant Ciara chose a daring see-through dress decorated with crystals.

This golden arrow on Beyoncé’s dress makes us look right at her baby bump.

And here, the singer highlighted her shape with sparkling red sequins.

Kaya Scodelario was not afraid to add some extra volume to her belly with numerous ruffles.

Whose maternity style do you like more and why? How did you dress when you were pregnant?

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