Rihanna’s Son Steals Hearts As He Sweetly Interrupts Her Workout

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10 months ago

Rihanna is starting to discover all the sweet challenges that come with being a new mama. The star shared a candid video in her gym clothes, where her workout didn’t go as planned all because of her 10-month-old baby boy. We can’t stop smiling at her son’s hilarious and mischievous attitude which any new mom can relate to.

An adorable glimpse into her motherhood journey.


The music star, who is currently expecting her second child, recently tweeted a video featuring her son, which has been watched 27 million times so far. She humorously captioned it, ’’Look who don’t want mommy to workout.’’

Although her face is not visible, the new mama can be seen wearing a black sports bra and using one hand to caress her baby boy.

The little boy wiggles around and watches a program in the distance with a big smile on his face while his famous mother begs, “Please.”

She’s loving motherhood.

Rihanna announced back in January 2022 that she and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, were expecting their first baby. She gave birth about 4 months later, on May 13th, 2022.

A source close to the new parents had shared that they ’’are very happy and focused on their baby boy.’’ The source went on noting that ’’Rihanna loves being a mom [and] is obsessed with her baby boy’’ and that her rapper boyfriend is ’’very involved and a great dad.’’

The couple is expecting again.

A.M.P.A.S. / Avalon/Photoshot/East News

Rihanna chose a very special and memorable way to announce her second pregnancy. In fact, the Umbrella singer revealed her baby bump during her performance at the Super Bowl halftime show in February 2023.

We can’t wait to see Rihanna’s second baby, and we’re sure that he or she will be adorable like their older brother.

Rihanna, since embracing motherhood, has candidly expressed the challenges of balancing her illustrious career with her new role as a parent. While she feels empowered as a mother, the “Umbrella” singer acknowledges the difficulty in juggling work and quality time with her child. Consequently, she’s become more discerning about the projects she undertakes, ensuring they’re truly worthwhile. Nevertheless, motherhood has also bolstered her confidence, as evidenced by her enthusiasm for high-profile performances like the Super Bowl halftime show.

Rihanna’s philanthropic endeavors have consistently showcased her commitment to making a positive impact. From establishing the Believe Foundation at 18 to assist children with terminal illnesses to her more recent Clara Lionel Foundation, which offers global education, health, and emergency aid programs, Rihanna’s charitable efforts are vast and varied. She’s also been recognized for her contributions, including receiving the Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian Award from Harvard for her unwavering dedication to humanitarian work.

After keeping fans in suspense for nearly a year, Rihanna has finally disclosed the name of her baby son: RZA Athelston. This choice appears to be a nod to the esteemed rapper and producer RZA, leader of the iconic Wu-Tang Clan. The revelation came after Rihanna subtly hinted at the name by frequently wearing Wu-Tang Clan merchandise. Furthermore, Rihanna’s recent public appearances have ignited curiosity about her second child, as she remains tight-lipped about the baby’s gender and other details

Preview photo credit Rihanna / Twitter, ROBYN BECK/AFP/East News


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He's so freaking cute! He just wanted to skip the work out and go straight to mommy and me time, lol. I'm sure he's getting lots of special time with mom before baby brother or sister gets here 💙. Sending him lots of cyber snuggles and hugs.


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