Meet DRINK WATER, the Boy Whose Unusual Name Carries Family History and Completely Altered His Career

5 months ago

For one young man named Drink Water, his name turned out to be the key to unlocking his dream job. With a name like that, it’s no surprise that he caught the attention of a major beverage company looking for a fresh face to represent their brand. Read on to find out more about Drink Water.

Drink Water, a Filipino student, is now a brand ambassador.

From an obscure Filipino university student to a Gatorade sports drink brand ambassador, Drink Water V. Rivera’s rise to fame is anything but ordinary. It all started with a single viral tweet featuring a photo of his university ID with his unforgettable first name. Now, he’s the face of the sports drink company, proving that sometimes, the most unexpected names can lead to the most exciting opportunities.

Gatorade saw the potential in Rivera and wasted no time hiring him as the face of their “no sugar” drink. In the commercial, Rivera shared the story behind his unforgettable name and how he learned to embrace his unique identity.

Apparently, his mother couldn’t breathe properly until she took sips of water, which inspired her to name her son Drink Water as a reminder of the importance of staying hydrated. “My mom craved water a lot when she was pregnant with me. That’s why they named me Drink Water,” the boy explained. He has taken his role as a Gatorade ambassador to heart, using his unforgettable name as a way to remind people about the importance of staying hydrated.

As if Drink Water’s name wasn’t enough to make him stand out, he also revealed that his mother named his siblings Winner and Rice. The Rivera family seems to have a knack for choosing unforgettable monikers that reflect their values and aspirations.

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