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17 Women Who Accepted Their Natural Hair and Never Looked Back

As the years go by, we learn to accept certain physical features of our body that we probably used to fight against. It would seem that we’ve always preferred what someone else has, and instead of just accepting ourselves as we are, we feel less confident. These users decided to go all in, and the result was amazing and gratifying.

At Bright Side, we love it when people show themselves as they are.

1. “Struggling to embrace it, but happy. I got my first curly cut after only ever wearing my hair straight and just past shoulder length.”

2. “Just a Paki girl finally embracing her naturally curly hair”

3. “High school (2013) vs Now (I wouldn’t leave the house unless my hair was straight back then!) stopped straightening in 2015”

4. “5 days of embracing my hair and I am BLOWN AWAY!”

5. “I used to want to die my hair black to match my favorite color, but I have since learned to embrace my copper locks.”

6. “I stopped using products to straighten my hair and my natural curls reappeared. I think they are back to stay.”

7. “Embracing my 4c hair!”

8. “After years of mocking for my hair texture, and damage on my hair to fit people’s standards, I’m happy to embrace my natural curls.”

9. “2 years ago, you’d have never seen me with my hair down. I got to embrace my natural hair on one of the most important days of my life.”

10. “2 months of learning to embrace and love my natural hair!”

11. “I’m so glad I’ve embraced my big wavy hair. I straightened my hair every day for years.”

12. “Hair was straight until 2 years ago — finally decided to embrace the change. Progress at 3 months!”

13. “Got tired of dying my hair about 2ish years ago. I’ve gotten way more compliments with this gray hair than I ever got with my dyed hair.”

14. “Learning to feel confident with these twists and no makeup”

15. “One year natural hair growth”

16. “My hair is finally how I want it. I always had to choose between volume and definition, and now I have both.”

17. “So I shaved it... and I’m so surprised by how well it suits me. I think I’m gonna keep this hairstyle for a while!”

What was the most drastic makeover you’ve ever done?

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