20+ Pics That Prove Families Create the Best Memories

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2 years ago

According to historians, the oldest-known family picture was taken in 1875 at Stonehenge. This discovery highlights that collecting photo albums of our best memories isn’t an entirely new practice that only dates back to the rise of social media and smartphones. It seems that ever since the invention of cameras, families have been documenting their most cherished moments and attempting to preserve them forever.

The Bright Side team has put together a collection of some of the most interesting recreations of family photos in an attempt to prove that some things never change, even when the years pass.

1. “Started in the backpack, now I’m here with my son, 34 years later.”

2. “10 years ago and now”

3. “30 years and beards”

4. Like father like son, literally.

5. “My grandpa and me in medical school 70 years apart (equally sleep-deprived)”

6. “My cousin offered me a memory for Christmas.”

7. “35 years later”

8. “Off to Pre-K with my grandmother. 19 years later, off to graduate school...”

9. “Me and my great-uncle, 24 years apart”

10. The perfect first picture recreation

11. “My son and I planted our faces on a copier, then and now.”

12. Every Easter is the same.

13. A bathtub full of brothers. 20 years apart.

14. “40 years folks, 40 years. It happens to all of us sooner or later.”

15. “My sister just got married. Her surprise gift to my parents was to recreate a professional photo that was taken of her when she was 5.”

16. History always repeats itself.

17. This bride recreated her childhood memory at her wedding.

18. “Being able to finally recreate this photo has been one of my proudest achievements.”

19. “My mother and father, the photos were taken 51 years apart.”

20. This father has been a master of the art of relaxation since day one.

21. The best gift for Mother’s Day

22. “My wife and her mom at 6 months in 1989, and my daughter and my wife today”

23. “My grandad and me, 55 years apart, he’s a heart surgeon, and I’m a neonatology fellow.”

Which family nailed the challenge the most and proves that history repeats itself? Have you ever participated in the family photo recreation trend? If you have, share the results in the comments.

Preview photo credit stenchi/reddit


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