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20 Makeovers That Helped Women Proudly Demonstrate Their Gray Hair

Until recently, gray hair was stigmatized, and women spent a lot of effort, money, and time trying to hide it. But nowadays, silver strands are on-trend and can add a special charm to your look. Hairstylist Jack Martin from California helps his clients enhance the natural beauty of their hair, so they are unlikely to ever be ashamed of their gray hair again.

At Bright Side, we love different fashion experiments and are really excited for the women who had the chance to become a client of such a professional stylist.

9 hours of work, and look at the result!

“This client was extremely tired of coloring her roots every 3 weeks.”

Sometimes it’s worth sacrificing the length for such a gorgeous result.

It’s not for nothing that they say that a hairstylist is one of the most important people in a woman’s life.

The right haircut can make you look younger.

The stylist just emphasized the natural hair color.

The makeover took 7 hours.

A cooler shade makes a great difference.

Icy platinum transformation

Total transformation

“This beautiful client was nervous to go gray but was so happy when I finished and wished she had done this transformation much sooner.”

The new look turned out to be way more glamorous.

Cardinal changes

Is it really the same person?

Beautiful silver

This is even more evidence that you shouldn’t be afraid of change.

Gorgeous cool shade

No magic, just professional hands

Even her facial expression has changed.

“This client’s hair was completely damaged, and I said to her that if I don’t succeed to go pixie. But everything went fine.”

Do you prefer to cover up your gray hair or emphasize it? Tell us in the comments below.

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