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20+ Women Who Got a Complete Makeover Just by Changing Their Haircut

Although some people associate short hair with a lack of femininity, there are women who do not care about what others have to say about it, and who’ve decided, once and for all, to cut their hair into a super modern style. Some went for a pixie style, others for a high fade. Both of these cuts are suitable for almost any situation, from the most formal to the most casual events. Another advantage is that they are very practical, so it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular choice!

At Bright Side, we admire the people who didn’t hesitate to dare and do something completely new in their lives and who embraced a whole new cut for their great comfort and beauty. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to get a whole new haircut as well when you see how good they look! The most important thing, in any case, is to not pay attention to what others think and do whatever you like best!

1. “From when my hair was even shorter”

2. This internet user did not think twice before experimenting with her haircut and dying her hair. The latter, moreover, matches her eyes.

3. “My first pixie cut”

4. “After 3 years, I went for the chop again.”

5. This haircut is perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

6. Some people prefer to revamp their haircut by shaving the sides of their heads.

7. The pixie cut is an excellent choice for frizzy or wavy hair, and it’s so stylish.

8. How about short, platinum hair? Another excellent choice!

9. “Got tired of trying to manage my frizzy, unruly, ginger hair. Best decision ever!”

10. “Got my hair cut today.”

11. “My before and after”

12. “I’ll never regret chopping it off! :)”

13. “New hair! Pretty in Pink (and a buncha other colors)”

14. “Went full GI Jane. Before and after!”

15. “Before and after the big chop!”

16. “Over a year ago now, but this is the day before and the day after I took the plunge.”

17. “I debated this for a year and finally went for it. I’m still getting used to it (got the cut literally an hour ago) but I think it works. (Before: top, after: bottom)”

18. “Took the plunge today and cut it all off! Hope I made the right decision. (before and after)”

19. “Silver hair, freckles, wrinkles. I’m old. Whatever.”

20. “Feeling... elegant”

21. “It’s different, but I love it. Let’s see if I’m bald by the end of the year.”

22. “Full blonde, y’all!”

23. “Before and after my haircut this weekend”

What about you, have you made any drastic changes to your hair? Tell us about it in the comments section, and feel free to share the before and after pictures as well!

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