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6 Makeup Tips to Make Your Teeth Look Bright White

No matter how hard we try to take care of our teeth, food, coffee and the passage of time cause tooth decay! Everyone’s teeth turn yellowish with age. So how do celebrities manage to have such bright, perfectly white smiles all the time? Many of them may spend hours and hours at the dentist, but there are others who use a few simple makeup tricks instead and the results are pretty amazing.

Bright Side put together a list with 6 tips that you can follow when putting on makeup, to make your teeth look pearly white without having to whiten them, of course. Also, don’t miss the bonus we added at the end of the article. There, you’ll find a list of foods that can help you whiten your teeth naturally.

1. Define and outline your mouth with a nude color

A lip liner is almost as important as a lipstick, but it’s often forgotten. It helps define the contour of the mouth to create a lot more volume and make the shade of the lipstick last longer. If you want your teeth to stand out and look whiter, using a lip liner in a nude shade is a great idea. Your mouth will look fuller, and your smile will be much brighter. To apply it correctly, start by outlining the Cupid’s arch (the arch at the top of the lip, under the nose). Then, join each end of the arch to the corners of your mouth. For the lower lip, start by outlining the center and then extend the line to both ends of the lip. Finally, color the rest of the lips using a lipstick that has the same color or one that is around 2 shades darker. You’ll then be ready to show off those teeth that will look as white as pearls.

2. Wear highlighter

A highlighter is a tool that anyone who likes wearing make-up should have somewhere safe in their make-up bag. This product will help you highlight some features of your face, in order to make it look much brighter and more vibrant. And that, of course, includes your smile. Some of the places where you should apply it are: on the bone above your cheekbones, on the top of your nose, and on your Cupid’s arch. If you also want to make your eyes look a little bigger, you can put a small amount of highlighter on the inside corners of your eyes.

3. Go for a tanning effect

You probably already know that bronzing powder or bronzer can help you get a sun-kissed skin effect. But it’s not very well-known that these can also make your teeth look whiter. Go for a matte bronzer so that your skin stands out and has more contrast with the mother-of-pearl color of your teeth. It works best when you apply it to your cheekbones, on the top of your nose, and like the highlighter, on your Cupid’s arch. Of course, if you feel like using the bronzer on your whole face to get a more even color sensation, you can. But then be careful to not overdo it, so that it doesn’t look artificial, because then the trick could backfire.

4. Draw attention to your eyes

Applying the right kind of make-up to your eyes is key to diverting attention from your teeth and getting people to focus on your eyes instead of your mouth. A few of the must-haves to pull off this tip are black eyeliner and plenty of mascara. As for eyeshadows, go for blue shades (like light blue, purple, green, or turquoise), which will create more contrast with your teeth and make your eyes stand out. Avoid orange-based colors because they could make your teeth look more yellowish.

5. Wear blue lipstick

This is a tip that Beyoncé’s makeup artist, Sir John, has been using for a while to make celebrities smiles look whiter. For him, the key to a bright, white smile is choosing lipsticks with blue undertones or cold shades. If you want to be bold, you can go for purple. If you prefer more of a classic option, choose a cherry red with a blue base or a nude color with brown or even fuchsia undertones. All these shades will contrast with your teeth and make them look much whiter. As with eye shadows, avoid orange or copper lipsticks, because they will make your tooth enamel have a yellowish back tone.

6. Wear a lot of lip gloss

Lip gloss is the perfect tool to make your mouth look brighter and fuller. And of course, to make your teeth look whiter. Before applying it, it is important to moisturize your lips well with a balm. After doing so, put on a lipstick with bluish undertones, and, finally apply a lot of gloss, especially around the middle of your lips. By doing this, not only will your mouth look brighter, but your teeth will also stand out.

Bonus: Foods that will help whiten your teeth naturally

Makeup techniques are an excellent way of creating a brighter and more radiant smile. But the best way for our teeth to look white is by actually making sure they’re white. And to do that, you don’t need to use abrasive methods. Instead, adopt habits to keep your teeth healthy and clean. In addition to brushing them 3 times a day, you can eat certain foods that are great for improving your dental health:

  • Strawberries: Although this fruit is dark in color, it contains an enzyme called malic acid, which is a natural tooth whitener and helps eliminate bacteria from the mouth.
  • Cauliflower: This is a food that requires a lot of chewing. It causes more saliva to be produced, which helps clean and maintain the shine on the teeth.
  • Dairy: Cheese, yogurt, and milk have calcium, a mineral that strengthens and whitens tooth enamel.
  • Celery: Fibrous fruits and vegetables not only keep teeth white, but also help make the gum tissue healthier.
  • Apple: This fruit helps clean plaque and, by doing so, it also keeps your teeth healthy and white.

What are your favorite makeup secrets for whiter teeth? We’d love to read them in the comments! And if you can post a picture, that’d be great too!

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