7 Oils That Will Transform Your Looks in 7 Days

A vacation is always sudden, even when it's been planned for months. Most of us usually start making emergency preparations, both in terms of our suitcases and our bodies.

For such cases, Bright Side found 7 miraculous oils that will help keep your natural beauty and get you prepared for vacation.

Sesame oil for healthy teeth

Sesame oil contains numerous polyvitamin acids and elements. Rinse your mouth with this oil, and your teeth will become whiter, all the while improving regeneration of your gums, mouth cavity, and tongue. Just make sure you do it right.

Hibiscus oil for hair growth

Hibiscus is just what thin hair needs. The vitamin C in its oil helps increase collagen in the hair, while amino acids nurture and strengthen the roots. Ground petals can wake up "sleeping" hair bulbs, making them grow again. Therefore, the stems of your hair become thicker, and your hairdo gains more volume.

Castor oil for thick eyebrows and lashes

The only drawback of castor oil is its smell. Otherwise, it's all-around beneficial: the oil substances improve cell metabolism, while stearic and linoleic acids prevent moisture from evaporating and protect small hairs from shedding, dryness, and the effects of heat and sun.

Flaxseed oil for detox

Flaxseed oil has been considered almost a panacea since time immemorial. A broad set of fatty acids, vitamins, and potassium make it a must-have item for anyone. It carefully detoxifies your body, restarting the metabolic processes after seven days of regular intake. To achieve better results, make it a part of your everyday diet.

Tea tree oil for acne

Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory, bactericide, fungicide, antiviral, and wound-healing properties. It's commonly used to treat acne and as a care for oily or problem skin.

Olive oil for soft feet

Olive oil intake, thanks to its monosaturated fatty acids, benefits the liver and stomach. It also decreases cholesterol levels. From outside, this nutritious oil improves the condition of the skin, hair, and nails. It can be used both as a separate treatment and in combination with other beauty products.

Almond oil for nails and cuticles

Almond oil should be used daily to nurture and regenerate skin cells. It also has an antifungal effect.

Note: For a steadier effect, use the oils for no less than a week. Apart from masks, you can add them to your daily creams, hair conditioners, and all kinds of sera. Some oils can be taken orally.

Important: Before using any oil, read the package insert and consult your doctor.

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