10 Ways to Heal a Burnt Tongue After Eating Hot Food

As it turns out, the cheeks and throat both have taste buds. But when we burn our tongues, the additional taste buds are of no use and we have to taste food in a different way. This pain leaves us no other choice but to feverishly look for immediate soothing remedies. Luckily, there are some solutions that can bring you instant relief without emptying your pockets.

We at Bright Side know this struggle well as we also love hot foods. That’s why we’ve decided to find out some cool ways to treat a burnt tongue, and we’d love for you to learn along with us.

1. Rinse your tongue with a salty solution.

Rinse it with a cool saltwater mixture. You can also swish the solution around in your mouth gently before spitting it out. A saltwater rinse has an antiseptic effect.

2. Dip your tongue into milk.

Milk has a coating ability that can help you relieve pain quickly. Dip the tongue into cold milk and wait for some time until you feel better. You can repeat this procedure once you feel the pain in your mouth again. Milk provides a special coating that water can’t, so whenever you have a choice, choose milk.

3. Apply honey to the burnt area and don’t swallow for some time.

Not only does honey have a soothing effect, but it boasts a pleasant taste as well. This product is also a scientifically proven burn-healer. If you aren’t allergic to honey products, this remedy may become one of your favorites. Take a spoonful of honey and coat your swollen tongue with a thick layer of it. Let it sit there for as much time as you can to let it take full effect.

4. Put minty chewing gum right onto the burnt area.

Mint is a simple and quick remedy that can help you thanks to its menthol that helps activate the cold-sensing areas. It will give you a cooling sensation, so you’ll naturally start to feel better. Just put a piece of minty bubble gum right onto the wounded area and don’t chew it. Be sure not to leave it there for too long, especially if you’re oversensitive to mint products in general.

5. Squeeze juice from an aloe plant.

Aloe is a natural healer that is recommended for treating first and second-degree burn wounds. It can significantly reduce the time of burn healing and give you some comfort from the very first application. Just squeeze the aloe juice right onto your tongue and let it sit.

6. Lick some chocolate or sugar.

Granulated sugar is known to be used for treating wounds that are difficult to heal. It will help relieve that initial, irritating pain. Put granulated sugar on your tongue and press it onto the roof of your mouth. You can also use any product containing sugar — like a popsicle or a chocolate bar.

7. Sprinkle on some ice, but don’t lick an ice cube.

Applying something cold is one of the first things that may come to mind upon getting a tongue burn. But the correct application is key here. Never lick an ice cube, as you may make it worse for your teeth. You can sprinkle some ice right onto the surface of your tongue instead, making sure it covers the wounded area.

8. Dip your tongue into a cup of cold yogurt or any other product containing lactic bacteria.

Lactobacteria is considered a good therapist when it comes to lowering the risk of infection. Dipping your tongue into yogurt, kefir, or any other probiotic product that contains this bacteria will help you avoid infection after receiving a burn wound. An additional soothing effect may be received from the cold yogurt.

9. Breathe through your mouth with your tongue as dogs do.

Having burnt your tongue, don’t keep it shut in your mouth. Try to give it as much air as possible. You can borrow the breathing technique dogs use, taking deep breaths in and out with the tongue sticking out from your mouth. It will help to give you some relief after you’ve just sipped on something really hot.

10. Smell a flower through your mouth.

Another technique is to keep your attention away from the pain by smelling something, like a flower, through your mouth. It will distract you from the pain of the burn.

What are your best working remedies for treating burns?

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