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7 Pressure Points to Help Calm a Baby Down and Relieve Discomfort

Many moms know that if your little one is unwell or cranky, a light massage can help to calm them down. Babies are especially sensitive to pleasant touch and reflexology — a gentle stimulation of pressure points in the feet — which can do wonders for your baby’s health. Make sure to follow your pediatrician’s recommendations, and you’ll find that foot massages can be a great addition to your daily routine with your baby.

We at Bright Side love learning about natural ways to stay healthy, and we were curious to find out how reflexology can help babies.

1. Teething

If your baby is teething, gently massage the tops of their toes to soothe the pain. Points that correspond to the upper and lower jaw and teeth are located below the toe knuckles. Applying pressure to a baby’s little toes is a natural remedy for teething pain.

2. Runny nose

Rubbing your baby’s toes may help with the sniffles. The main point that corresponds to the sinuses is located on the tip of their big toe pad. By gently massaging this spot, you can help your baby with cold symptoms and sinus pain.

3. Chest pain

If your baby struggles with chest congestion, try gently massaging the spot below their 3 middle toes. You can press it with your thumb pad and massage it up and down. You can also try wrapping the fingers of both hands around your baby’s foot, and gently press the area with your thumbs.

4. Upset tummy

Massaging the middle part of your baby’s foot may help with spasms and discomfort in their stomach. A light massage on the center of their foot is a natural way to ease stomach pain.

5. Indigestion

A gentle foot massage can help your baby with digestive issues. Applying light pressure to the point located 4 fingers away from the big toe can relieve indigestion, stomach aches, and nausea.

6. Gas pain

Massaging your baby’s feet can be especially great if they’ve been a little gassy. Stimulating the point located between the big and the second toes can relieve nausea, vomiting, and bloating.

7. Constipation

Foot massages can relieve constipation, according to a study. Lightly rub the baby’s heel if they have a sore tummy. This part of the foot is linked to the stomach and can naturally alleviate problems related to constipation.

Have you ever tried reflexology? Did it help you?

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