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My name is Peter Petho, chronologically I am 70 years old, but my wife makes me feel much younger.
I have known her for about 40 years, but only just about, because back in those days, she was too young for me to notice.
I was a coach in one of the kayaking clubs in Budapest and she was one of the young girls, belonging to another group, with another coach.
I was happily married and never thought of even looking at other females, definitely not girls, over ten years younger than myself.
That marriage went to the rocks after ten years and I met another woman.
She was unhappily married and we decided to leave the very angry husband (he was planning to harm me bad) and Hungary behind.
We ended up in Australia, made our home, had two beautiful children, but unfortunately that marriage also ended in divorce, 26 years later.
I moved again - this time only 2000 km's - got pancreatic cancer 10 years ago (probably from stress) what I managed to survive.
Six years ago, one day, I saw a name on Facebook, what was a bit familiar.
I clicked on search and saw a beautiful woman...she was the girl from that many years ago, who I did not much notice then.
I did now, I wrote to her, proposing a chat by some nice coffee, about the past.
She said OK.
So I bought a ticket and I was in London a couple of weeks later.
While there, we went to Italy for a week, but than I had to come back to Australia.
Two months later I invited her, by sending a ticket, got engaged here, but there was a long year and a half wait, before she was allowed to join me.
Soon we will have our fourth wedding anniversary and I often complain, that we never had that coffee- while in London.