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Why Marriages Are Happier When Wives Are a Bit Thinner Than Their Husbands

The idea that weight plays a part in a happy marriage seems unlikely, but surprisingly, there seems to be some evidence that supports this statement. According to a study, married couples are more satisfied and happy when the wives are thinner than their husbands.

We at Bright Side got curious as to why this was the case and are here to share the conclusions these researchers have made.

A couples’ body size can play a role in their relationship.

Newlyweds filled out martial satisfaction questions biannually for 4 years, and the study showed, on average, that in marriages where the wife was slimmer than the husband, they were happier. This was based on the couples’ BMI (body mass index), which can be calculated using weight and height.

This doesn’t mean there’s a need for women to undergo extreme dieting and exercise, but rather, it just refers to their BMI in relation to their husbands’.

Women’s perception of attractiveness differs from men’s.

In a study, men and women were given 100 photographs and asked to rate how attractive they found the person in the image. Men tended to agree with the women they found attractive, whereas women had more varied results.

The qualities that men preferred and found to be more appealing were thinness and seductiveness, whereas women slightly favored thin and muscular men, but the same picture of the same man was given high scores by some women, and the same man was also given a low score by other women.

Women tend to prefer bigger men due to evolution and primal tendencies.

Old habits die hard. Dating back to our cave-people instincts, women see larger men as strong hunters who can protect them and provide sustenance for them and their families. This may be why, instinctively and subconsciously, women tend to be more attracted to taller and broader men.

There are always exceptions.

While the study showed that the majority of couples had similar results, there were exceptions, as many other factors play a massive part in the happiness of a marriage, such as mental health, income level, social lives, etc. This proves that women of any size and stature can be happy with the right partner.

What do you think about the results of these studies? Do you feel marriages with larger husbands are happier? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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