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12 Lights on Sale to Add to Your Christmas Decorations If You Feel Like Something Is Missing

Do you think it’s possible to overdo it with too many Christmas lights? Well, the Gay family from upstate New York would argue otherwise. They broke the Guinness World Record by installing over 600,000 lights. It turns out that there is a purpose behind everything. The family is raising money to support the community while also creating a fairy tale for themselves, their neighbors, and people in need.

Are you ready to create the brightest Christmas for yourself this year? A few extra lights certainly wouldn’t hurt, especially if they are a bargain.

1. Have you decorated your bedroom yet? These star lights are perfect for your bedside table. That way, you can fall asleep and see the stars in front of you.

  • 60 LED star string lights
  • 23 ft./7 m
  • 10 brightness levels
  • Adjustable by remote control with 8-mode switching functions

2. Experience the feeling of a magical Christmas night with this night projector. It will create a moving star projection on your ceiling that will immerse you in a relaxing atmosphere.

  • 360° rotation light projector
  • 8 lighting modes
  • Product dimensions: 5.1″ D x 5.1″ W x 5.3″ H (‎13 cm x 13 cm x 13.5 cm)

3. Add a little extra spice to your Christmas decor. These fairy lights will make you feel the same excitement as when you watch real fireworks.

  • 120 LED firework lights
  • Adjustable by remote control with 8-mode switching functions
  • Battery-powered

4. Do you not trust classic candles? Perhaps this is the perfect sign to switch to a more modern alternative. You can turn on these flameless tea lights and forget about them without fear of something going wrong.

  • 24 LED candles
  • 1.4″ x 1.25″ (3.5 cm x 3.1 cm)
  • Battery: CR2032 button cell
  • 6 h ’’on’’/18 h ’’off’’ timer

5. If your Christmas tree doesn’t sparkle brightly enough, you can go with these lights designed specifically for decorating it. All you have to do is put a ring on top, and your Christmas tree will shine brighter than ever.

  • 400 LED lights
  • 6.56 ft/2 m
  • 8 lighting modes
  • Memory function and timer

6. If you are tired of the old classic fairy lights, you can replace them with new rainbow lights. This will bring joy to little ones and passersby who will see the curtain lights in the window.

  • 280 LED lights
  • 9.8 ft x 9.1 ft (2.9 m x 2.7 m)
  • 7 colors
  • 8 light modes

7. Perhaps there’s a lonely tree in your yard or neighborhood that you’ve overlooked. You can decorate it with these solar-powered lights, which do not require a plug-in power supply.

  • 50 LED lights
  • 23 ft./7 m
  • 8 modes

8. If you forgot to decorate the roof edge this year, that’s no problem. These snowflake lights will do the job perfectly because they are waterproof, and you can connect up to 3 light chains together.

  • 168 LED snowflake lights
  • 10 ft/3 m
  • 8 modes, adjustable by remote control

9. Add even more coziness to your home with a set of large candles that are hard to distinguish from real ones because they are made of paraffin. Pure wax candles have a softer and more natural shine than plastic candles.

  • LED candles
  • Product dimensions: 4.3″ x 2.7″ x 1.5″ (11.2 cm x 7.2 cm x 4.2 cm)
  • 24-hour timer function
  • 10-key remote control

10. For more illumination, decorate the exterior of your home with fairy lights that look just like icicles. These fairy lights shine brighter than normal lights and use up to 85% less electricity.

  • 120 LED outdoor lights
  • 4.5 m/15 ft.
  • 8 modes

11. Unable to put up a Christmas tree this year? No problem. How about the option of attaching garland and snowflake lights to the wall? It’s a cheap and easy option that you can recreate anywhere.

  • 40 LED lights
  • 19.6 ft./6 m
  • Battery-powered

12. Don’t leave any windows empty this Christmas. If you have no idea how to decorate them, you may like these star window lights, which shine with a blue color and create a cozy and magical atmosphere.

  • LED star lights
  • Sync with the rhythm of the music
  • 12 lighting modes, adjustable by remote control

When do you put up and take down Christmas lights? Do you hit the “off” switch at night, or do you leave your lights on at night?

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