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15 Amazon Products That Your Kid Will Use Every Day Once Back to School

The school year is rapidly approaching, and soon it will be time for back-to-school shopping. It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead, though. And today we are going to make that a lot easier for you with some innovative, well-designed products for the upcoming school year.

Here at Bright Side, we love seeing children smile, and today we have a few products that might just do that. Let’s get straight to it!

1. A portable device to easily eat cereal with milk on-the-go

Buy the CrunchCup from Amazon here.

Dishwasher safe

The Crunch Cup comes in 6 different colors: blue, white, green, pink, white, and yellow.

2. A practical stackable lunch box to pack the little one’s lunch

Buy this lunch box from Amazon here.

3 compartments

This plastic, stackable lunch box is made of eco-friendly materials, and it’s safe to reheat in the microwave and clean in the dishwasher.

3. Cute pens with kitty caps

Buy these pens on Amazon here.

Amazon’s choice

These gel pens come in 12 pieces, and they would make a great gift for any cat lover!

4. A stainless steel travel mug that keeps drinks hot and cold the whole day

Buy this travel mug from Amazon here.


This travel mug comes in 6 different colors: blue, brown, silver, red, white, and black, and it has a capacity of 500 milliliters.

5. Original milk carton pencil cases

Buy this pencil case from Amazon here.


This pencil case has a large capacity, and you can bet it will make your kid stand out in class.

6. Trackers to find small items like your keys, wallet, and phone

Buy these trackers from Amazon here.

Works with Alexa

This might not be related to school per se, but children do often misplace their items, so these are sure to come in handy for the new school year.

7. Practical standing pencil cases with a cute design

Buy this pencil case from Amazon here.

Premium material

This smartly-designed pencil case has two small handles on the sides that allow you to adjust its height.

8. An anti-theft backpack with a USB charging port

Buy this backpack from Amazon here.


Thefts can happen anywhere, especially at school, with everything from electronics to books being stolen, so this backpack will give your kid complete peace of mind.

9. A leakproof lunch box for the very little ones

Buy this lunch box from Amazon here.

Easy to clean

This little lunch box has the ideal portions for kids to encourage healthy eating.

10. Reusable food wraps made from beeswax to avoid waste

Buy these reusable food wraps from Amazon here.

Tight seal

These food wraps are made from 100% organic beeswax and durable material in order to use them over and over again.

11. Funky-looking pencils with animal-shaped erasers

Buy these pencils from Amazon here.

Box of 24

These fun rubber pencils are probably going to encourage the little ones to write more than your average pencil.

12. Personalised sports bags for the kids’ extracurricular activities

Buy these sports bags from Amazon here.

36 colours

If you are guilty of confusing one of your kids’ bags for the other, these personalized sports bags will make sure that never happens again. And your kid will probably be the coolest on the sports team!

13. A gorgeous children’s alarm and sound machine

Buy this alarm from Amazon here.


This alarm is specially designed for kids, with a sleep training clock to teach children when they should go to sleep and wake up. It’s a sleep trainer, alarm clock, sleep sound machine, night light and sleep timer all in one.

14. Stand-up leakproof bags to store food

Buy these storage bags from Amazon here.

5-piece kit

These food bags come in a bunch of different dimensions for your convenience.

15. A laptop tray desk to easily do work from bed

Buy this laptop tray desk from Amazon here.


Notepads aren’t exactly extinct, but as students often do work on their computers, this gadget will allow them to do so in total comfort.

What product have you bought for your kid that facilitated their daily routine?

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