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15 Amazon Products That’ll Make Parenting a Breeze for New Mothers

Research shows that parents spend around 37 hours a week worrying about their baby. Thankfully, nowadays there is a product to help with almost anything, giving you peace of mind, and hopefully, fewer hours spent worrying.

Here at Bright Side, we always try to figure out ways to make parenting easier, and today we will show you a few products that do just that. Let’s get straight to it!

1. A baby car mirror to always have a clear view of the little one

Buy the baby car mirror from Amazon here.

Amazon’s choice

This baby car mirror is very easy to install and it will give you peace of mind while driving in a car with your kid in the back.

2. A gorgeous 3-in-1 night light, baby sound machine, and alarm

Buy the Hatch from Amazon here.


This slick-looking gadget can be controlled remotely via an app on your phone.

3. A fun potty training toilet with music

Buy this potty training toilet from Amazon here.

Easy to clean

This interactive toilet plays 6 melodies and makes potty time feel more like a game.

4. A wipe warmer that is especially useful for late night changes

Buy this wipe warmer from Amazon here.

Lifetime guarantee

This baby wipe warmer holds all major brands of wipes, and the lid keeps them warm, moist, and fresh.

5. A cute sink extender so the kids can easily reach

Buy this sink extender from Amazon here.

Durable plastic

This sink extender fits on most bathroom faucets and is dishwasher safe.

6. A bath toy organizer for the rubber ducky and his friends

Buy this bath toy organizer from Amazon here.

Sponge included

This bath toy organizer comes with one large lower pocket and 3 smaller pockets at the top. It can also be used as a bag to store daily supplies.

7. A spill-proof container that will make snacking easier

Buy this snack container from Amazon here.

2 containers

This toddler snack container is the winner of the 2016 Cribsie’s Coolest Snack Container Award. It comes with soft flaps that will give your child easy access to what’s inside.

8. A safety gate to keep your child away from the stairs and avoid accidents

Buy this safety gate from Amazon here.

Double safety lock

This metal safety gate does not require any drilling or screws to set up.

9. A child-friendly detangling brush to remove knots and tangles

Buy this hair brush from Amazon here.

For all hair types

This brush, that has stellar reviews on Amazon, is gentle on wet and dry hair thanks to its painless plastic bristles.

10. A child safety lock to keep the little ones away from certain drawers or fridges

Buy this safety lock from Amazon here.

Easy to install

This child safety lock comes in a 4 pack and can be used on a fridge, trash can, toilet, cabinet, drawer, refrigerator, or oven.

11. A baby carrier that reviewers swear by

Buy the baby carrier from Amazon here.


This comfortable baby carrier is specially designed to allow airflow which keeps the baby cool and, judging from the reviews, it’s quite the product.

12. A smart baby monitor to always have peace of mind

Buy this baby monitor from Amazon here.

2-way audio

This smart baby monitor includes sensor-free breathing motion monitoring as well as sleep tracking.

13. A sterilizer for small objects like bottles and nipples

Buy the sanitizer from Amazon here.

1-year warranty

The suppliers of this sanitizer claim that it kills 99% of germs in 99 seconds, and it can either be used with batteries or with a charging cable.

14. A cart cover to help with shopping trips

Buy this shopping cart cover from Amazon here.

100% cotton

This reversible shopping cart cover is extra-padded for comfort and it has a cell phone pouch, a bottle strap, and a large pocket.

15. A cute silicone baby teether that reviewers swear by

Buy this baby teether from Amazon here.

High quality

According to the supplier, this teether stimulates the baby’s growth and development. And who wouldn’t want ice cream wherever they go?!

What unusual parenting tips have worked for you?

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