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5 of the Best AirTag Wallets in 2022 | Reviews of the Best Models

AirTags are selling like crazy, in fact, in just 8 months, Apple sold 20 million and plans to sell 35 million more. This gadget is really useful, especially if we are forgetful, and also provides safety. However, as it’s really small it’s better to have a special space for it. But, while there are many cool-looking and high-quality keyrings with AirTag slots, there are just a few wallets with a slot for one, and that’s why we decided to choose the best available on Amazon.

Important note  the following wallets don’t include the actual Apple AirTag. We have one here if you want to get an AirTag (it’s a pack of 4).

1. This AirTag wallet will make a great present for your close friends and family. Thanks to the number of slots it’s really practical and designed to last for a long time.

The size of the wallet will make it easy to fit in your jeans, backpack, and pockets. And the spring clip inside the wallet will be great to keep your money in as well. Plus, the wallet is RIFD secure, which means it can block signal scans that can steal your important information.


  • 2 card slots in the front
  • 1 ID slot in the front
  • 7 slots inside the wallet
  • A spring clip inside the wallet
  • Size: 11 cm x 8.2 cm x 1.5 cm

Positive reviews you might want to consider:

  • It works — I have misplaced my wallet once and with the airtag it was so easy to find. Put my mind at ease so quickly. — Kevin
  • Sleek and sturdy I really like the wallet. It looks cool, the case holds the AirTag tracker well, and it is holding up well so far. — Immanuel / The Foreigner
  • Nice — Decent product, looks good, nice thing. Love the built-in money clip. Pleased with my purchase. — Vince B

Negative reviews you might want to consider:

  • Nice wallet but came with some damage — I was disappointed to find the stitching was messed up in a couple of places as shown. Just makes it feel cheaper. — Whitley B.
  • Nice but too bulky for me — Dislike how bulky it is, so I will not be using it. I gave it to a friend who likes it. — Jon casaccio
  • A clear wallet pocket needs to be clear — Really, this wallet had everything I wanted. The one item it failed on and that is a dealbreaker is the “clear” ID sleeve for the front. It’s frosted and very difficult to see through. — nK

Buy this AirTag wallet on Amazon HERE

2. Even though this wallet folds in three, it’s a simple yet fancy-looking wallet that will become your favorite. The material is high quality and it’s not bulky at all.

This wallet is innovative and convenient. Not only will it provide you with higher security for your valuables, but it will also look stylish. The minimalist design makes this wallet look awesome in any situation.


  • 7 card slots
  • Small pocket for change
  • Handmade
  • Size: 9 cm x 7.1 cm

Positive reviews you might want to consider:

  • Great long-lasting wallet, the best — Had this wallet for some time now, and it has stood up very well. The AirTag hole is just the right size and has never dropped the tracker. And because the wallet is small, it’s a lovely feeling when it’s in the pocket. — Dan gray
  • Great wallet — It’s great if you’re a card buyer that doesn’t carry around a lot of cash. The coin pocket can fit a few coins, but I don’t recommend putting a lot of coins in there as it makes the wallet a bit chunky. Overall, very good product and top quality. — John
  • Nice size — I was after a wallet that was only slightly larger than cards, but could also keep cash safe too, rather than just with a money clip. This did not disappoint. Initially, I thought it was too small, but all my cards went in easily, along with some cash and a case for the AirTag tracker. Just what I was looking for. — Keto follower

Negative reviews you might want to consider:

  • Does not deserve that price — While the wallet is small, and you won’t notice it in your pocket yet has enough space for money and cards, the texture of the material is different from the picture. It is open to getting fingerprints and dust. — Said ALIM Neagoe
  • Poorly added AirTag holder — This wallet has been with me for a little while now, and the AirTag falls out all the time. The wallet itself isn’t too bad, but the AirTag holder is weak and poorly designed. — Mondays_Dog

Buy the wallet on Amazon HERE

3. A really interesting wallet design. While most wallets have different slots for cards, with this one you can keep them in one slot and access them easily by sliding them up.

Made from the finest leather, this hand-tailored wallet with an AirTag slot is not bulky and uncomfortable. In fact, it’s compact and can fit inside even the smallest pockets. Plus, it’s super easy to draw out your cards, and the clip inside the wallet can hold your money well, which makes it a secure wallet.


  • 1 slot for cards, but can only fit a few
  • Money clip
  • Size: 8.6 cm x 6 cm x 1.5 cm

Positive reviews you might want to consider:

  • Genius! — This is my third iclip wallet, and all are still intact! This stainless steel AirTag one was a Father’s Day gift, my offspring having noted the one potential disadvantage of the iclip (for me) being my ability to leave it somewhere and forget where that was! This combination is perfect. It is sturdy, robust and now apparently can’t be lost — genius! — N2Ogas
  • A great wallet — This is my second AirTag wallet, was nothing wrong with my first even after 2 years of heavy usage. The only reason I brought this one was, so I could add an AirTag, even with an AirTag installed, holds plenty of cards and can easily fit £30 and £10 notes at the same time whilst still leaving room in my pocket without a huge bulge. Highly recommend this product. — Jim L.

Negative reviews you might want to consider:

  • Couldn’t fit the AirTag — The side where you are meant to insert the AirTag was far too small. I could have forced it in. But promo videos appear to show the AirTag being inserted easily. So I didn’t force it as it felt like the leather and stitching would give way. — Andrew
  • Doesn’t securely hold cards — Despite putting credit cards and a driver’s license in the wallet with just a little shake, they still come loose, so I wouldn’t be confident about taking them out of this wallet. And the plastic money clip inside doesn’t really keep the money secure. — geoff lewis

Buy this wallet on Amazon HERE

4. If you like using only cards for paying then this wallet is the best one for you. It’s a high-quality card holder with really nice stitching that will last for a very long time.

This wallet has a separate pocket specifically designed for an AriTag, and still, it looks slim and fancy. The size will let you fit the wallet in your jean’s pocket or front pocket without taking up a lot of space. As this product comes in many different colors, it’s a great choice for a gift.


  • ID card slot
  • 6 slots for cards
  • Space for 6 folded banknotes
  • Size: 8.3 cm x 10.4 cm x 0.3 cm

Positive reviews you might want to consider:

  • Well made, good value — I’ve had this now for just about a year, and it is pretty much in the same condition as when it arrived. I use it daily, only 3 cards and a couple of notes, but it’s in great shape and all the stitching is still tight. The only real signs of wear are a couple of slightly shiny patches where the leather has rubbed whilst in the pocket. — magic rat
  • Nice small wallet with Apple tag pocket — Been using this for a few months now and love it. It’s a nice small size. All my cards and cash fit in nicely. I’ve had to test the Apple Tag and that all works well too. Securing the Apple Tag was very easy, nice small pocket to hold it in. I keep my driver’s license in the see-through pocket, which also works well. — Cableguy

Negative reviews you might want to consider:

  • Sleek and slim — Great wallet, but I gave it 4 stars as there should have been a plastic cover for the AirTag as mine is now all scratched up. — Wajahd Qureshi
  • It’s okay — It feels a bit cheap quality, but does its job nicely. — Amazon Customer

Buy this card holder on Amazon HERE

5. If you are someone who likes having wallets that are bigger, that can fit more cards, bank notes, etc., then this one is for you.

With its classic trifold design, this wallet provides security and large capacity. While it might be a bit bulky to carry in your pocket (compared to the other wallets) it’s still thin, and the material makes it look elegant.


  • 1 card slot outside
  • 1 coin pocket
  • 2 large bill slots
  • 1 ID slot (with transparent cover)
  • 7 card slots

Positive reviews you might want to consider:

  • Practical wallet for daily use — The wallet came in a smart presentation box, albeit cardboard. It looks and feels like it is made from leather. The stitching is neat and tidy, and it feels and looks well-made. Lots of room for the various cards I carry around and though I have used them often the cards remain firmly held in their compartments. The middle segment has a clear window for a bus pass/ driving license. The small fastened money pouch has space for a few coins, but put too many in and the wallet starts to feel bulky. Overall, this is a wallet I am happy to use every day. — Keith&Joyce
  • Suitable for everything — First of all, this wallet comes beautifully packaged. It’s high-quality leather and an AirTag fits in perfectly. The only thing to be careful of is that you don’t overload it. Try to spread cards out, so the wallet doesn’t become too thick. — Ben Broderick

Negative reviews you might want to consider:

  • Bigger than you think — This wallet looks and feels well-made. The only issue I have with this wallet is that it is wider than you expect from the pictures. And when the AirTag and card slots are full the depth of this wallet increases, I have tried removing the cards behind the AirTag and this does help. Hopefully, when the leather softens and gets to be used more, it will fit in the pocket better. — Neil
  • It doesn’t seem to be leather — One issue that dampens this review is that the advertising claims it is made from genuine leather, but it smells of plastic, not leather, and it doesn’t have a Genuine Leather label anywhere on the wallet or in the box. The coloring of the different panels also looks exactly the same, with no variations on them. One star off. — FraserD

Buy this trifold wallet on Amazon HERE

What was the main reason for you to get an AirTag? Do you prefer using cards or cash? Why?

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