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The 12 Best Cases for iPad Mini in 2022

High-quality devices tend to cost a lot, and scratching or damaging them will really hurt your wallet. One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary incidents is to protect them. In this case, get a durable cover for your iPad mini.

We at Bright Side not only have the most durable cases from Amazon, but also the most stylish and practical ones. There are so many options that you’ll easily be able to find what you’ve been looking for all along.

1. Pop-it fidget toy case for iPad mini

Buy the pop-it case on Amazon here

Our pick

This cover is designed with one of the most popular bubble fidget toys, and everyone who loves pop-its will really like this case. Plus, it doesn’t just protect your device, but also provides additional fun while using it.

Promising review:

  • A lovely cover for young iPad mini users — My daughter’s (now 7) iPad was due a cover upgrade as the one that has been on it for about 2 years was falling apart. She’s a bit better now at taking care of things, so I took a punt and, with her massive approval (as she is a fidget fan, like most kids her age), ordered this.
    It’s very pretty and girlie, which my daughter loved with the pastel colors. I can’t say it’s easy to pop the ’bubbles’ (or whatever the kids call them ... I’m old, I dunno!).
    It’s made my daughter very happy, so 4-5 stars, can’t comment on the durability as we have only had it a week. It’s also made me feel massively old, but I can’t take stars off for that (as a lot of things do now). — Sophie Hunt

2. The perfect iPad mini case for kids as it’s easy to hold and it’s shockproof

Buy the sturdy case on Amazon here

Amazon’s choice

If your kid is using an iPad mini then you know that it can easily slip from their hands and shatter. Well, this case is perfect for little hands because it has side holders and the material is very sturdy.

Promising review:

  • Great value and great product — I am extremely impressed with this iPad case. I bought it for my 2-year-old to make it easier for him to hold the iPad when he’s watching a bit of Peppa Pig. As well as, to protect it when it inevitably gets dropped by him from time to time.
    The case is great value for the money, perfect for little hands to grasp, and extremely protective. I’m very impressed. It also comes with a detachable black strap which I use to hook onto the back of the car seat, so car journeys are made a lot easier! — Selma16

3. This is a very stylish and durable case, and it’s suitable for any age.

Buy the butterfly case on Amazon here

Easy to carry

Even though it’s lightweight, this case is really durable and will protect your iPad. Plus, the butterfly design can also be used as a stand, which is great for watching videos or reading.

Promising reviews:

  • Light but tough, good value iPad case — It is very light and tactile, making it less likely to slip out of little fingers or off their laps. The wings open up to stand the iPad up in a near vertical position, but with enough of a tilt to prevent it from being unstable. As another reviewer commented, it only has one upright position; it could be improved by being able to have a lower tilt, but I’m nit-picking at this point. — Matt
  • Excellent and gorgeous case — This is a great case. My daughter has broken the stand of her iPad cases on previous ones, but doesn’t look like it will be possible for her to break the wings! Sturdy and very cute case. — Chiamel

4. iPad mini case that can be adjusted to different angles for viewing

Buy the colorful case on Amazon here


Even though this case is thin and lightweight, its durable design will protect your iPad from scratches and dust, and also from falls. Plus, the interior card slots are practical for storing documents, cards, money, and notes.

Promising reviews:

  • Good value and very attractive case. — It was delivered on time, and it’s a very attractive case with added extras inside for your cards. — jane gabrielli
  • A beautiful cover — I really like this case. The iPad fits well. A lovely design, strong and durable. I would definitely recommend it. — christine brown

5. Rainbow style case with shoulder strap and a Velcro holder

Buy the rainbow cover on Amazon here

Unique design

This stylish iPad mini case is a lot more than just a protector. The super stylish design will make you look modern, and the shoulder strap will make transport easier. Plus, the strap can be adjusted and hung on the back of a car seat so that your kids can have fun while you are driving.

Promising review:

  • Fantastic protector — I love this simply because it’s so versatile. My son uses this, and I have the security of knowing his iPad is protected at all times. It’s not too heavy. Yes, it’s a bit bulky, but that comes with the need for this type of case.
    The carry strap and hand strap are a godsend because he can just sling it over his shoulder or secure it on his hand, and that means he’s not going to drop it. It is easy to put together and not as easy to pull apart. I think it’s perfect and serves its purpose well. It does not affect sensitivity, button access, or screen view in any way. — Farookster

6. iPad mini case with glitter that won’t scatter all over your home

Buy this sparkly rainbow case on Amazon here

With card slots

The durable and soft material that this case is made of offers a really comfortable grip. As for the design, you can choose from 6 different styles, and all of them look really cool. You just need to find your favorite.

Promising reviews:

  • Good value and a good iPad mini case — It’s a great case. My daughter loves it. It does what it says. Would recommend. — Mrs L J Godwin
  • Recommended — Great product and fast delivery. My sister wanted it for her new iPad, and I thought it would be real glitter, so it would fall off everywhere, but it’s more like printed glitter. I would definitely buy it again. — Teigan

7. Robust case style that will keep your iPad safe

Buy this case on Amazon here

Classic style

This case is super durable, which makes it perfect for long trips, especially if you are traveling with your kids. This is because the shoulder strap will provide you with a carefree experience, as it will keep your iPad safe.

Promising reviews:

  • No worries about damage now — I am elderly. My hands shake, and I do not have a good grip on things. I dropped my previous iPad mini several times and spent a considerable amount of money on repairs.
    Having just bought a new iPad mini, I was looking for a cover that would really protect it. I think I have found it this time. It’s a little heavy to hold but has a built-in stand and a Velcro strap at the back which you can put your hand through to give you a firm grip. My husband found it very easy to assemble. — Ellen Kay55
  • Great product — Very sturdy, easy to fit, and really secure. Great extra accessories to hold it, stand it, or hang it. My son is very impressed that he can hang it in the car for long journeys to watch films! — Lisa H.

8. Simple iPad mini case with gel-like cover and easily adjustable angles

Buy the simple-to-use case on Amazon here

Easy to install

This lightweight case is available in 16 simple colors and patterns, and it’s perfect for daily use. The simple design offers great protection against scratches, drops, and bumps, while it’ll make your iPad look stylish.

Promising review:

  • Fits perfectly — This case looks great and fits the new iPad mini (6th generation) perfectly. The foldable cover works just like any other and does the job of waking and sleeping the iPad when closed. — marios

9. This iPad mini case is available in over 20 styles — finding the right one for you will be easy.

Buy the cat case on Amazon here

If you like to have playful and colorful cases, then this one is for you. Plus, since it’s budget-friendly, you might end up buying more than one so that you can have different designs to make your iPad look stylish all the time.

Promising review:

  • I am delighted with the purchase — It’s very durable, and it comes with a stylus pen. I really enjoyed choosing a picture for the cover. The quality was much better than I expected for the price, as I previously bought a case from an Apple shop. The quality of the cover is exceptionally good. Definitely recommend. — Caroline Histed

10. A professional looking iPad case that is perfect for work

Buy this cool case on Amazon here

360° rotation

One of the most practical iPad mini cases you can find on the market. You’ll love its ability to change the viewing point and its stylish look. And still, your device will be protected from falls and scratches.

Promising review:

  • It looks great and fits perfectly — I am very happy with the case. It looks great and is a lovely color. It fits well and has holes in all the right places. I was able to stand the iPad up easily, too. It’s nice to have the “twirly” facility to turn the iPad around easily. — Cybercathi

11. iPad mini case with microfiber interior and durable exterior

Buy the sparkly case on Amazon here


A simple yet durable iPad mini case that provides automatic sleep and wake functions. It’s available in 9 different styles, and if youre not into sparkles, you can choose from other regular cases.

Promising reviews:

  • Good, sturdy cover — There is a good selection of colors. It really protects the iPad from spills and drops. The last cover I had was good for years, so hopefully the same with this one. — Martin Postlethwaite
  • A beautiful sparkly case that fits my iPad perfectly — I love it. It arrived quicker than expected and is sturdy and protects my iPad. I love that it turns it off automatically when closed and is magnetic. I would definitely recommend it to lovers of pink and sparkly things. — cherryll hixon

12. iPad mini case with a really practical 7-angle magnetic stand

Buy this sturdy case on Amazon here

With a pencil holder

This case is worth the money. Even with its durable construction, the style wasn’t overlooked. Plus, they did a test where they dropped an iPad with the case from 5 feet and the device was still in perfect condition. So, no need to do any experiments to test the durability.

Promising review:

  • Really love the quality and style, practical and worth the extra money — You’re paying for a good quality and very well-made iPad case that will protect your iPad for many many years to come. The construction of the case is great, and it works as a great iPad stand as well. It’s very strong, so you can draw and watch a movie or just type messages and emails, etc. It’s full-height adjustable in 7 positions, from low to high.
    iPad mini 6 fits snugly and tight in the Zugu case and is very well protected from any bangs it may experience over time. — KerryGold71

What type of device do you use the most? What do you look for in a case: durability or style, or both?

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