14 Game-Changer Hacks to Save You a Lot of Headache

One not-so-widely-known life hack is that in public restrooms, it’s best to use the first stall since it’s the least used one. Also, now that summertime is here, you should know that ammonia and creams are not the only things you can use to treat mosquito bites. Stay tuned and you’ll find out which other household items you can use for that purpose.

Bright Side dug up 14 hacks that can and will make your life a lot easier.

1. A seat belt adjuster can really do wonders for your neck.

2. Use some good old VapoRub on your mosquito bites.

3. Use an empty gallon jug to protect fragile plants from bugs.

4. Pop ice cream in a plastic bag for easier scooping.

5. Cut foam pool noodles and use them as door bumpers to prevent little fingers from getting caught in doors.

6. Mix baking soda, alkaline salt, and a bar of soap for homemade detergent.

7. Use micellar water if your shoes are in desperate need of a glow-up.

8. Clean these annoying water marks with the help of some toothpaste.

9. Planting seeds in your garden? Use muffin tins for spacing.

10. To accurately water roots, you can bury a water bottle right next to your plants.

11. When your money accidentally goes through the wash, just attach it to a fan.

12. Sew a piece of microfiber on the inside end of your shirt so you can clean your glasses more easily.

13. Pour some white wine vinegar in your toilet tank for a non-chemical clean-up.

14. If you don’t have a key or a coin, you can use a crumpled-up bill.

Which one of these hacks impressed you the most and will be added to your day-to-day life?

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