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14 Survival Hacks That Can Bail You Out of Trouble

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The one thing I am terrible at while camping is staying hydrated. We have a (car) rooftop tent which is fantastic at keeping us dry, off the ground, and away from animals. The only issue is that I keep refusing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night so I subconsciously (probably closer to consciously) drink less water. We camp in National Parks so we try not to keep bright lights on for very long. (I’m not a fan of the dark, even a lantern doesn’t remove any fear.) At least we have a portable toilet but nothing around it- sorry to talk about it but have you ever watched dogs be hyper-aware of their surroundings while going to the bathroom? I have way less survival instincts than my dog (that’s both sad and by design- I am trying to learn what I can for if something goes wrong while camping but I’m a “freeze” instead of fight or flight so I just really hope nothing bad happens) Oh by design I mean I don’t think many people naturally have excellent survival instincts like our ancestors did. If only 90s Girl Scouts taught me a single survival skill. Thanks for these tips- actually will make me hydrate much better as well as some other things.