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16 Quick Hacks That Can Make Your Life Better

How do you eat your burger at McDonald’s? The way it’s served, right? That means the top bun stays on top, but you end up spilling all the sauces out with the patty dropping down the sides. Next time, try flipping the burger. Since the top bun is twice as thick as the bottom one, it’s much less likely to fall apart when it is flipped upside down. Now that’s what we call a life hack!

Bright Side created a collection of 16 life hacks that at first sight might seem unconventional, but will later prove to make your life much easier.

How much juice is left in the battery?

Use “Favorites” on your phone to flag photos for mass deletion.

Use a blown-up plastic bag to act as a light diffuser while taking photographs, or use colored plastic bags as color filters.

A good way to carry a jug back from the store

Want to count active calories and keep your Apple Watch clean while painting? Use a sweatband as a cover!

Use different colored ink for different subjects when you’re allowed to use one-sided cheat sheets.

Freeze coffee in an ice tray so you don’t have to choose between drinking scalding hot coffee, or chilled, watered down coffee. Use milk or creamer if you don’t like black coffee. This works great with any freezable liquid that you don’t want to water down with ice.

Your fly won’t stay up? Attach a keyring to the zipper and hang it over the button.

Life hack for a wet mop

Super cool DIY clothing

“You can use old cassette cases as phone stands (used the cassette here as the photo was being taken by the phone).”

“Happiness knows no bounds when your roommate does this.”

No corkscrew? We gotcha, comrades!

When in a crowded area, turn off LTE and you will get better data speed.

Grilling meat on a skewer? Use 2 skewers so they don’t turn back once you flip them.

How to use the bathroom while wearing a big wedding dress:

We all have our own life hacks that we share with our friends and family members. Share yours with us in the comments below and we might share it with the world in our next life hack article.

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