19 Simple Tricks That Work Like Magic

We all use small, everyday life hacks we learned from our parents, friends, or even made up ourselves. Bit ever since the Internet appeared, the number of life hacks we see every day became truly enormous, and choosing ones that actually work is not a simple task.

We at Bright Side love digging through piles of life hacks and picking the ones that we think are useful, so here are some of the best ones.

“Making meatballs or burgers? Oil your hands. The meat won’t stick to your hands and you’ll get a smooth, uniform outside texture!”

“It’s possible to take the tape off paper without tearing it. Just pull the tape by the edges and it will come off.”

“Soak almonds in salty water. After 1 night, they will be 1.5-2 times bigger and much tastier.”

“If the oil runs down the bottle, making it dirty, put a cotton pad on it.”

“Charlie needed to wear a cone after his operation, but he didn’t like it. But he’s fine with a plastic plate.”

“The splatter shield was too small for my pan.”

“When dispensing very thin liquid medications, create a slit in the seal to help prevent spillage and make dosages more accurate.”

“My sneakers were washed in a washing machine and even washed by hand, but only Comet helped to clean them this well. Don’t forget to wear gloves.”

“Always tried to find a way to use my laptop in the sun without it melting away...”

“Cook your eggs in onion rings for a perfectly shaped fried egg ready to go in a sandwich!”

“I’m going away next weekend, so I’m going to use this and my programmable feeder as a way to make sure she’s all good.”

“A loose leaf tea steeper is the best way to evenly sprinkle flour on a surface, corn starch on a protein, and icing on desserts.”

“If something happens to the bra and it becomes really uncomfortable, here is a way to wear it.”

“If you left a bottle of water in the car and now it’s really hot...”

“My trashcan life hack: a big rubber band + the cheapest flap-tie bags”

“Ticks stuck to sticky tape wrapped around an ankle, always check for ticks!”

“Use double-sided tape to stick this on a new bag of wet wipes.”

“This will help if your kids use too much toilet paper: press on the roll and it will be harder to use.”

“Grate a piece of toast if you’re out of breadcrumbs.”

What everyday tricks do you know that are worth sharing with others?

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