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15 Baby Animals Who Are So Tiny, They Will Turn You Into a Caring Mommy in Seconds

It’s in our nature that when we see cute babies with round faces and big eyes, we want to take care of them and protect them. And it’s no different with baby animals — they look so vulnerable and in need of love, we can’t help but want to take them in our arms.

We at Bright Side are always ready to take as many animals under our wing as possible. So here are some tiny tater tots that would definitely enjoy cuddling with us.

1. “Impossible! How can you have a kitty with just a head and a tail?!”

2. He realized he hadn’t said, “I love you!” to his human today yet.

3. “Poppy has been booked and measured. Illegally small is the verdict!”

4. 2 handfuls of bunnies is all we need for a great day.

5. “Oh no, the little guy needs a sweater!”

6. “This kiwi is kinda cute.”

7. “He lies on this because it still has his mommy’s scent on it!”

8. “Almost failed a quiz because of this little bean right here.”

9. “This is the embodiment of cozy.”

10. “Look at those teeny murder mittens!”

11. Warning! Might suddenly take off due to its airplane ears!

12. “A small pupper adopts a new momma.”

13. We wish we could sleep as peacefully in that position!

14. Paws in the air! You’re arrested for being too adorable!

15. “Will you please cuddle me?”

Have you ever met such tiny cutie pies? Or maybe you or someone you know has one. We’d love to see the photos!

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