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15+ Lovable Pets That Have a Special Connection With Their Toys

If your pet has a favorite toy, you know how much it means to them. Most likely, your pet spends a lot of time with the toy, plays with it, and protects it from other people, even if the thing is bigger than the pet itself. This is really moving. And if the toy breaks or something else happens to it, animals get really disappointed. It’s their treasure that they’re not willing to share with anyone, not even their owners.

We at Bright Side were really moved by the love and care our pets showed for their favorite toys. And in the bonus feature, you’ll see a story of one cat who grew up alongside its toy.

“How the cat I found reacted to the very first toy she had in her life”

“Almost 18 years old and still sleeping with the toy frog she’s had for 14 years!”

“My little puppy adores his frog.”

“For some reason, my dog chose a brick as her toy.”

This corgi loves his duct tape leftovers.

“Scribbles looking concerned as her favorite toy gets repaired”

“Maddie waiting patiently for her favorite toy to be fixed”

“Repaired his favorite toy and now he’s not only unsatisfied with it, but he’s also extremely upset. Sorry, Bruce!”

“My cat ripped open his favorite toy. This is my grandma sewing it back together.”

When your friend gets repaired:

Poor toys

“Seamus hates to leave Fingo behind.”

“So does Murphy!”

“I won’t give it to anyone!”

This is what doggy happiness looks like.

“My grandma’s dog and her toys — she has never torn one apart and my grandma washes them for her!”

“We were packing for a trip so Cecil brought his elephant and dropped it in.”

Bonus: How a cat grew up

When I was a child, I had a black cat named Bucks. In the summer, we took him to the countryside. There, he found his way around quite quickly and even made friends with a local cat gangster — a big ginger cat with a torn ear.

At some point, my cat decided to show the gangster the most valuable things he had, which included his favorite toy. It was an old stuffed mouse. Back when he was a kitten, he got used to carrying it around anywhere he went but in the countryside, he always kept it at home. But this time, he decided to take it outside specifically. He threw the toy to the gangster cat and started showing off all the things he could do, like touch it with his paw, bite it, or hold it in its mouth. The gangster was watching all this and then he flinched his tail and left.

Bucks was shocked. He looked at the cat, then at the toy, and then, probably thinking of something else, went to chase the gangster cat. The mouse was left outside. Even though we took it home later, he’s never played with it since. © Vangui / pikabu

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Preview photo credit lichtenbergian / twitter
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