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16 Charming Animal Intruders Who Brightened Up Our Lives Without Warning

A newly hatched lizard, a chipmunk, a family of possums, raccoon babies, and even a manatee — these animals may sound much more exotic than cats and dogs. But, in fact, you always have a chance to meet them in person, and this is just what happened to lucky Reddit users who bumped into these lovely intruders while on a walk, sitting at work, or even hanging out in their backyards.

Here at Bright Side, we’re always ready to meet friendly animals, and we got a bit jealous when we saw these pics from Reddit users who managed to capture 16 of the sweetest animal encounters.

1. “One month ago, my sister found a tiny egg and gave it to me. I put it in a jar not expecting anything. But today it hatched! I’m a father!”

2. “A squirrel ran into the store I work at and stole a chocolate bar.”

3. “This deer comes to our yard and eats the pears that have fallen from our tree.”

4. “Have a bunch of chipmunks in my yard, so my dad made friends with one of them by giving him some roasted peanuts.”

5. “New neighbors!”

6. “This grumpy hero alerted me about its family’s camouflaged underground den with 5 siblings while mowing today.”

7. “My office hawk buddy dropped in today.”

8. “I was kayaking with my family in Florida and we saw a manatee.”

9. “I shared my picnic dinner today.”

10. “A friendly little deer came up to us on our walk today.”

11. “I just moved into the neighborhood, and here’s one of my new neighbors.”

12. “A little cutie that leaves holes all around my yard”

13. “Just a moose taking an afternoon nap in my dad’s garden...”

14. “The possum that visits our deck every evening brought along somebody special last night.”

15. “3 babies exploring in my backyard”

16. “A mama deer in our neighborhood regularly leaves her fawns on our front porch for babysitting while she’s busy.”

What’s the most unusual animal encounter you’ve ever had? Share the pictures of your unexpected visitors in the comments!

Preview photo credit lady_forsythe / Reddit
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