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17 “I Don’t Want a Pet in This House” People That Can’t Leave Home Without Cuddling Their New BF’s

Sometimes it can happen that some family members do not agree with the idea of bringing a pet home. “That cat is yours and I’m not going to take care of it,” “You’ll take care of the dog, I’m not going to give it any attention” are some of the statements we usually hear. But what happens after the arrival of the little creature? It often occurs that it steals the heart of all the members of the family, even those who did not want to adopt it in the first place.

Bright Side loves to collect cute pictures of pets and put them together in compilations like this one, with pictures of people who didn’t want to have pets, but finally couldn’t resist the charms of their newfound furry friends.

1. “My dad told me ‘no more cats.’ He also texted me this picture of my new cat 3 days ago.”

2. “Ladies and gentlemen, my father and Loxley”

3. “’The only good use for a cat is to make a comfy pair of slippers.” -my dad

4. He went from “I don’t want a cat in this house,” to “I bought her a crib because she is a baby.”

5. “From “No more cats. Ever.” to “He’s mine, you don’t get to hold him.”

6. “Just to clarify, these are YOUR cats, I want nothing to do with them!”

7. “’No, we aren’t getting a puppy. I don’t want a puppy. I won’t like it. I won’t walk it or pay any attention to it. No.” Fast-forward to “C’mere dabba’s big boy! Let’s watch TV and nuggle!’”

8. Last week all cats were “stupid” and now “kitty-witty likes to be held on the right shoulder and not the left.”

9. “You need a cat like you need a hole in your head.” Now Ziggy is his baby that meows until he puts down his iPad and lets him lay on his chest for “tummy time.”

10. “I don’t want another cat, they never like me” meet Big Tony and Lil’ Tony

11. “OK, but she can’t come on the furniture.”

12. “We are NOT keeping those kittens!!”

13. “When my boyfriend and I first met, he was very anti-cat due to his allergies. Now, this is him cuddling a teeny kitten with excitement, allergies be damned.”

14. Dad then: “We don’t need another cat in the house. It’s pointless.” // My dad 2 months after we adopted Felipe:

15. Mr. “I don’t even want a cat” around 30 seconds after I set her down

16. “I don’t think we’ll ever get another dog, we’re enjoying not having responsibilities like that” — My dad ~1 year ago

17. “My Asian dad didn’t grow up around animals and was always against any sort of house pet. My mom just sent me this photo.”

Have you ever said, “I don’t want pets in my house” and then been overtaken by their love and sweetness? Do you know anyone who has done this? We would love to see their picture!

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