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17 Photos Proving That Animals Can Also Look Absurd in Photos

Everyone takes bad photos and if someone has ever posted one of yours online, you’ve probably written to them demanding that they: “Delete it immediately!” Our pets can also take absurd photos, but unlike us, they have no control over whether they get posted online. And we couldn’t be happier about this, because they are so funny.

At Bright Side, we put together some awkward photos of pets, and we hope they won’t be collectively mad at us.

1. “My cat is trying to eat fake grass.”

2. “It looks like a seagull. Love it.”

3. “Something touched my foot. I am out of here.”

4. “Cat huggies when flying”

5. “What a beautiful smile! Looks like she’s going to eat your face off after she finishes her puppachino.”

6. The cat that hits the dance floor

7. When you just realized the truth about life, and your owner took your picture:

8. Stop shooting photos of me and give me some food!

9. “I’d say this guy wins the unflattering dog picture challenge!”

10. “My parents’ cat likes to stand leaning on the toilet tank, as if he’s a bartender.”

11. “This is Apollo. He was wondering if this selfie makes his nose look big.”

12. This cat is ready to compete for the title of the best dancer in this article.

13. How many cats are here?

14. When you just licked yourself, but in the photo you look like a demon:

15. Master, delete it.

16. “My kitty knows how to go upstairs, but still can’t learn to take the stairs down.”

17. “My dog is actually really cute but here he looks like a steroid ridden kangaroo. I captured this picture mid leap up the stairs as he was bringing me a good stick he foraged. Bruce and I hope no one had nightmares!”

Do you have funny photos of your pets? Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Samantha Martin / facebook
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