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19 Dogs Who Tried Hard to Be Good Boys but Failed

Real pet lovers can talk about their fluffy friends tirelessly, delving into the details of their habits, their behavior, and their preferences. On Twitter, one of the users suggested that dog owners share the oddities of their pets, and it started a thread that ended up with several thousand comments. It turned out that many of our 4-legged guardians have their own quirks.

We at Bright Side adore animals, so we couldn’t stay away from the topic of dogs’ weird habits and we prepared a compilation of users’ stories about strange things their pets do.

Blue thinks that if someone gets in the bathtub, he should also be in there.

When your dog thinks he has magical powers:

“My brother’s dog is forever at war with these naughty curtains in my office.”

“He ate one of the big crayon packs. We had a rainbow-colored yard for a few days after.”

“I was quietly enjoying my morning coffee until I saw this. I almost choked from laughter.”

He was sitting like that for 10 minutes. No one knows what he wanted.

He asks to hold hands every time he hears the trash truck is out front.

When the kitchen smells delicious for hours, everyone is done being polite.

“We gave her a cardboard tube to play with, and she put it in her mouth and was running around like this for over a minute.”

This is Bonnie, and today she dug a hole and stuck her head inside. No one knows why.

“She constantly looks disappointed in us.”

“My sister’s dog is a bit weird.”

“I installed a live feed camera at home so I could see what my dogs are up to while I’m at work.”

“Mom! Mom! Moooommmm!”

Fritzi loves to sleep in weird positions.

“Hig sits on my steps and howls until I open the door to let him inside. Just so you know, Hig is not my dog.”

“He hid under the table when he saw that a ladybug was on his bed.”

“He’s spying on me while I’m making dinner.”

“When I walked into the room and asked where our dog was, this happened:”

What strange habits does your pet have?

Preview photo credit kalekent / reddit