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20 Animals Who Can Be Perfect Anti-Stress Agents

Just 10 minutes of petting can have a significant impact on you. Research showed that it reduces the hormone that causes stress, so your mood gets better. We enjoy interacting with animals and each time we look into their innocent eyes, our hearts melt and our days become brighter.

We at Bright Side hope you have a good day and we prepared some photos of animals for you who can be excellent mood lifters.

1. “A story in 4 parts”

2. That’s a lot of derps.

3. The best shopping assistant

4. “Crash landing from space”

5. “My mom didn’t believe me when I tried to explain how odd our rescue is.”

6. “The horse made it very clear that he had no intentions of sharing his human.”

7. “I love you, I just met you, but I love you!”

8. “Snuggle time”

9. He is just too adorable to not take a pic.

10. “You’re going to hear a little pawp.”

11. “My amazingly adorable zebra finches”

12. “Ziggy has that Friday feeling!”

13. “My friend sent me this photo of him and his new friend.”

14. “My baby Henry showing off his best smile!”

15. “Ralph got a Puppuccino.”

16. “I hope this picture of my cat Jar Jar brightens your day.”

17. “My little helpers.”

18. Sweet moments of being a mom.

19. This cutie deserves the best treats.

20. “Our newest addition. We’re calling her Jones.”

Do you have a pet? Please, share its adorable photos with us!

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