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20+ Baby Animals That Will Be Hard to Forget Once You Meet Them

Even city animals and birds carefully guard and hide their offspring, let alone those who live in the wild. Each of us has seen an ordinary house mouse, for instance, but very few people have come across one that was just born.

We at Bright Side decided to fill this gap and found out what the babies of wild animals and birds really look like. Be warned: these fluffy little creatures will completely melt your heart!

An opossum

A Tasmanian devil

An ostrich

A European roe deer

A peacock spider and her baby

A ferret

A capybara

A flamingo

A gecko

An otter

A binturong

A house mouse

A dik-dik

A mara (a Patagonian hare)

A red crab

A northern fur seal

A hyena

A badger

A black lemur

A bat-eared fox

A brushtail possum

A serval

A fisher

A boar

“I found a baby skunk under the porch. I fed her every few hours for 2 days and took her to work with me. She slept on my shoulder.”

“We found a baby owl today. All is well, he’s back to his nest.”

A rescued baby ringtail possum warming up in front of a car heater

Have you ever fed or taken care of baby animals?

Preview photo credit Proteon / reddit, Proteon / reddit
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