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20 People Who Can’t Live Without Their Furry Pals

Once you get a pet, you very quickly start wondering how you were ever able to live without one. That’s because it’s very easy to become attached to our furry pals and love them unconditionally. Every little quirk is more perfect than the other.

Bright Side created a list of photos of people who share an unbreakable bond with their pets.

1. “Taught Chloe to stand on my wheelchair’s feet rests, now all she wants to do is give me kisses.”

2. “The way Nova fell asleep in her dad’s lap is priceless.”

3. “We’ve been together for 10 years now. He is the best thing to ever happen to me!”

4. “The colonel ordered me not to pet her but I rescued her anyway.”

5. “My dog is 18 and has trouble standing. Since Clare was born, he’ll stand for hours watching her.”

6. “My dog is 16 so I figured it’s time for some driving lessons.”

7. “The best picture I’ve ever taken of my husband and cat”

8. “My dad and his cat angrily watching TV”

9. “Family pictures with our cat went...okay.”

10. “I have a disability and one of my best friends Whiskey has the same bend in the same arm. I always wanted to find someone like me. I think I did.”

11. “My baby and my corgi are now old enough to work together. Now they roam around my house like a mini-Harley and the Joker with the dial set to ’annoy.’”

12. “My brother and his cat have an unbreakable bond.”

13. “They bonded before we even left the parking space.”

14. “I make him do ’The Circle of Life’ with me on the anniversary of his adoption.”

15. “I laid down to take a pic with her. I guess she thought I was asking for help with grooming.”

16. “When we got a puppy, my girlfriend vowed he was never allowed in our bed. This pic sums up the past few months.”

17. “My wife requested a picture of her cuddling our puppy. He’s not a huge fan of cuddles.”

18. “It doesn’t matter how big she gets, I’m always gonna hold her like the baby she is.”

19. “It’s always a struggle being the first one awake...”

20. “He has always wanted a kitty. I think he liked his birthday present!”

Do you have your own furry pal? How did they come to be in your life? Share your stories and photos with us in the comments so we can see all the love!

Preview photo credit vincentrm / Reddit