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20+ Pets That Left Us With Too Many Questions About Their Behavior

If you ever thought your pet was acting weird, you’re not alone. And sometimes these adorable creatures do really unbelievable things. So we rhetorically ask: ‘What’s wrong with my dog?’ or ‘Is my cat broken?’ Many of their actions simply cannot be explained. Though it never stops the ‘awws’ and ‘oohs’ when we look at our beloved pumpkins. Because no matter what they do, most of the time, these creatures are super-duper fun.

We at Bright Side have found some photos that will make you believe that any crazy thing is possible in your pet’s world.

1. “Clean, Clean.. Clean...”

2. “That’s how you get a cat: order a sandwich, open the bag, enjoy your new roommate.”

3. “Drinking water is hard.”

4. “Mookie doesn’t get how leashes work.”

5. “When you angry but lazy. He chilled there for like 20 minutes before jumping out.”

6. Strange spooky-looking object spotted. Defensive mode activated.

7. “The hunt for the bug.”

8. Aaa! There’s spidey in the corner!

9. “Doggo doesn’t realize she’s a unit.”

10. “Dear IKEA, I think my dog enjoyed your pillow more than I ever could.”

11. If you’re comfortable go for it.

12. “Got her a new feeding bowl. I guess this is how she prefers to eat from it.”

13. Omg, I’m falling, falling! Heeelp!

14. Wait, is that me?

15. “Hunting for innocent feet.”

16. They don’t know that in any pair there’s always another shoe.

17. “If I sleep with my new toy tire, nobody can steal it!”

18. A little bit awkward but still feeling ok.

19. “We were gone 30 minutes. The guilty party was on the couch looking satisfied.”

20. “Nope, he’s not stuck — he’s grabbing the bottom of the toy from the inside and refusing to let it go.”

21. “Is anyone else’s cat obsessed with their printer or do I just have an oddball?”

Do you find your pet in these beauties? Or are they up to something even loonier? Please share your photos and stories in the comments below.

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