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20+ Pets That You Just Can’t Get Angry With Despite Their Mischievous Ways

All pet owners probably know that their fluffy friends can be a little too curious and active sometimes. And as you know, excess energy should be spent — but beware. Your plant pots, pillows, wires, and other things may suffer.

At Bright Side, we have no doubt that pets were created to fill our lives with joy and warmth — but also with a never-ending need to clean up after them.

1. “He proudly tore through the couch.”

2. “Right after I walked up and caught him doing this, he tried to knock off the glass jar of pasta sauce to his right.”

“I pulled him out of there and then he bit my ankle like it was me who did wrong.”

3. When you leave the yogurt unattended:

4. “He was so happy, he started shredding some larger pieces right in front of me! The other dogs were hiding, not this silly guy.”

5. Look at that evil little face.

6. “You have water bowls and a small swimming pool, but my water carafe is the best? I get it.”

7. “My wonderful, impossible angel”

8. “This loaf was in the cabinets.”

9. “The bed must have a self-destruct button because the puppy is innocent!”

10. What a charming soup!

11. “I left him 1 minute unsupervised and he already destroyed my tablet’s cover.”

12. “I came home to Nacho, who had had enough of being inside and alone.”

13. “Not even the culprit, yet she looks guilty.”

14. “Someone destroyed this pen. I wish I knew who...”

15. “He stole the guinea pig’s bed and has no shame about it.”

16. “Rest in peace my gaming headset...”

17. “I walk by this apartment almost every day and the destruction has been a progression.”

18. “I liked this plant on the table. Captain liked it on the floor.”

19. “A bodega cat at the farm stand — this one likes broccoli.”

20. “I wanted to brush my teeth, but never mind...”

21. “I spent half an hour vacuuming the hairy couch, then I put on a sheet and walked back in 5 minutes later to this.”

22. “I was told foil would keep him off the counter.”

23. “She saw a squirrel.”

24. “My brother’s cat got into the fireplace.”

What naughty things do your pets do? Tell us in the comments below.

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