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20 Pets Who Know How to Cheer Up Their Owners

Pets always find a way to melt our hearts in seconds flat. Whether they’re posing for a camera, cuddling with their pet siblings, or even playing dress-up with your kids, these furry babies are all you need to get through the blues life brings.

Bright Side realized that not all households or offices allow pets on the premises, so we brought together the best funny pet pictures that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

1. When a cat runs to the fridge every time it opens, a sign is necessary.





6. Golden got too shy when the deer kissed him on the cheek.

7. Land pupper and water pupper are good friends.

8. Here’s a cat cuddling with a rescued kitten.

9. They’re so rare, they got their own portraits.

10. A baby cow with a butt heart and a head heart

11. This birdie got her ride sorted for life.

12. They fell asleep while playing with a tennis ball.

13. This paw-rent loves to document its dog’s sleeping habits.

14. “She rolled in glitter and became a galaxy.”


16. This paw-rent tried to control his dog’s sneeze.

17. “He’s not fat, just fluffy.”

18. Cabbit

19. “This boy is a big hugger. Look at his expressions.”

20. Best tea party ever!

Do you have adorable pictures of your pets? Share your joy with the world in the comments below.