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20+ Photos Proving That Life With a Cat Is Always Full of Surprises

If you’re a cat owner, you certainly know that these fluffy animals are able to sleep all day long — in some cases, this “catnap” can last up to 20 hours in a row. But when cats are awake, they usually try to make the most of their time, sometimes surprising their owners with unforgettable or ridiculous actions.

We at Bright Side love cats in all their furry shapes and sizes, that’s why we’re eager to share with you a compilation of 23 photos proving that life with a cat can never be boring.

23. Total eclipse of the cat

22. “When it’s sunny, my cat always does this.”

21. The 3 stages of grief: astonishment, disappointment, and acceptance

20. “Pregnant? But I’m too young for this!”

19. When your cats’ personal life is more eventful than yours:

18. Apparently, this cat was trying to communicate with aliens, but got interrupted.

17. This is the world’s most interesting lamp, according to 5 cats.

16. This cat is known in the neighborhood as the underwear thief.

15. When you realize that you’re just a tiny part of the universe:

14. “My 2 cats sleeping in their tunnel look like one extra-long kitty.”

13. “My cat messed with some bees and now looks like a Kardashian.”

12. “My cat gave birth right under our Christmas tree.”

11. “My kitten likes to ’hide’ in this jar, and her brother always gets confused.”

10. “My cat turned into 8 bit.”

9. Those sweet fishy dreams...

8. “He’s the only one who came when I said dinner was ready.”

7. When your cat is a secret anime fan:

6. Like cat, like kitten.

5. “A perfect moment in the life of our cats”

4. “It has taken my cat a full 5 minutes to arrange himself so that all 4 feet are on this envelope.”

3. When your cat is a true gentleman:

2. “My cat likes to think outside the box.”

1. “My cat got covered in flour and accidentally let his inner demon out.”

Are you a cat owner? If so, you probably have lots of your own photos showing these hilarious creatures. Feel free to share them with us!