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20 Photos That Will Make Your Monday Brighter

Mondays don’t have to be as bad as people make them out to be. According to this study and contrary to popular beliefs, Monday mornings are actually when workers are most productive. But everyone needs to relax from all their hard work, so we might just have the perfect thing for you!

Bright Side wants to show you 20 pictures that made us smile and we hope they will do the same and clear those pesky Monday blues for you!

1. When I tell her she’s cute:

2. Someone is enjoying the sun.

3. Special delivery!

4. This squirrel comes to get an almond treat every morning and gives smiles in return!

5. “Me and my boyfriend spent the whole day setting up an art gallery for our gerbil.”

6. Good luck comes in threes.

7. This pup looks like an emoji.

8. When your owner finally allows you in bed:

9. “I haven’t met my new neighbor yet, but her dogs love me.”

10. “My precious!”

11. Tiny calf doing a “blep”

12. “I think someone has a crush on my Christmas light decoration.”

13. Ladybug on the snoot

14. Yoda was born with 2 sets of ears.

15. “Max always has his tongue sticking out and looks like he’s smiling.”

16. So fascinating

17. Big baby

18. “I found this puppy in the oilfields of West Texas. Named him Dobby.”

19. He’s having a snack.

20. A mom and her baby ducklings

Do you have a specific way that you make your Mondays better? Please share them with us, we are sure a lot of people might need them right now!

Preview photo credit ladyoodles / reddit