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20 Squirrels That Stopped by for a Quick Hello

Squirrels are rather naughty and social little animals. Sometimes they visit households in search of food or simply drop by to say hello. Other times, humans come by to lend a hand to these little guys. In either case, it’s hard to not feel bonded with these cute fluffy animal friends.

So the Bright Side team decided it was time to collect a few images of squirrels that have stolen the heart of more than one human. Are you ready to say hello too?

1. “Just a squirrel tryin’ to get a (pea)nut”

2. “A round friend ♥️”

3. “Zuzu stopped by to stuff her cheeks with seeds this morning!”

4. “My wife just shot this pic of a sleepy albino squirrel.”

5. “Ahhh the teeth!”

6. “The day after Hurricane Irma, this baby squirrel ran straight up to me, jumped into my hands, and passed out. I’m sure it had a rough night.”

7. “They look comfy.”

8. “A blonde squirrel on my old mail route...”

9. “This is Judy. She (he?) comes to my kitchen window every day to get some almonds. I love her (him?) so much. That little smile makes me melt.”

10. “I filled a tiny tea cup with some walnuts for my squirrel friend.”

11. “I made a squirrel bar.”

12. “This is Gary. I think he’s a 5-7-week-old red squirrel. I’m rehabbing the little guy. This is his first time out in the yard. He loved it. Passed out in the sun.”

13. “A family of squirrels moved into the hole in my tree.”

14. “First time I have posted here and I thought for Christmas this little guy needed to say hi. He is my sister-in-law’s outdoor pet and he visits her hairstylists for nuts.”

15. “Thought this belonged here. Honestly one of the only reasons I wake up in the mornings is because I get so excited.”

16. “Luella climbed up to the 4th floor staircase and peered at me curiously. Both her and one of the boys came up to our bedroom (3rd floor) and I think she was confused to see me up there.”

17. “New friend on the table this morning... not yet versed in squirrel. Is it a juvenile eastern gray or something else? Very small, quite territorial, and very chatty.”

18. “I’ve never petted a squirrel before and this is officially the best day of my life. Gerald was so welcoming!”

19. “This is Coconut. My cousins found him injured on the roadside when he was a baby.”

20. “Found this little dehydrated girl yesterday.”

Are there squirrels in your town or near your home? Have you ever taken a picture of them or found one at your place?

Preview photo credit PrinceWilliam13 / reddit
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