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20 Times Maine Coon Cats Were Too “Wow” to Handle

Some of these cats may have a head as big as a 3-year-old, be as tall as your kitchen counter, and have belly with a crazy amount of fluff. It looks like Maine Coons are the real bosses among domesticated cats. And now we are ready to prove this fact with real-life pics.

We at Bright Side are impressed by these gentle giants and we found photos that will surely leave you in awe. The Maine Coon with dilated pupils surprised us the most!

1. “My brother’s Maine Coon. His head just casually being as big as my 3-year-old niece’s head.”

2. “Had posted my Percy at 8 weeks old and was asked what he looks like now at almost 6 :)”

3. “A creep. But a lovable little creep... He has a dilated pupil.”

4. “My Maine Coon, Oscar, on his throne”

5. “Tarzan wishes everyone a great weekend. ❤️”

6. “I adore them so much, I’m not worthy of such beauties!”

7. “Little darling Bishkek ❤️”

8. “What a difference between my 2 boys!”

9. My huge Maine Coon cat. He’s not fat, that’s just a ton of fluffy fur."

10. “Blue eyed Maine Coon prince with extra toes”

11. “Our Maine Coon cat Ajax is a tall boy.”

12. “Whiskers level: 9000 ❤️”

13. “Bow to the king.”

14. “When you’re handsome and you know it.”

15. “My handsome beast”

16. “Meet Shadow Moses posing for his photo.”

17. “Taking advantage of the UK sun...”

18. “I only hope to be this majestic one day.”

19. “Your audience with the Queen has been accepted, you may now kiss the paw.”

20. “This is Princess! She’s a Maine Coon and loves twisting! Her smile is also 10/10.”

Which traits do you like most about Maine Coons? Is it their silky fur, their furry paws, or their striking eyes?

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