Ultimate Cat Guide to Find a Cat to Match Your Personality and Lifestyle

4 years ago

Choosing a pet is a pretty big decision to make. There are so many types of breeds and the options just never seem to end. Yet there are some tips that can help you find the cat that matches you best.

We at Bright Side want to help you choose the best cat breed for you. Don't miss our special bonus at the end.


As of right now, there are almost 50 different categorized cat breeds and they're all very different. It's important to make sure that your cat's needs and temperament match your lifestyle for both you and your cat to be happy.

1. Show-offs

Do you like exotic cats? Then the Egyptian Mau is the cat for you. This breed is friendly but very independent and the only one with naturally spotted fur. These cats are also good for multi-pet houses.

2. Family pet

If you are looking for a family pet, consider the Birman. They are affectionate, sweet, and very friendly.

3. Cat for families with small children

If you have small children, you should consider a Ragdoll. They are like Labradors in the cat world – very relaxed and tolerant and will be happy to play hide-and-seek and fetch for hours. Surprisingly, their coat is not high-maintenance and relatively easy to look after.

4. Dog-like cat

If you always wanted a dog but for some reasons cannot have one, a Burmese would be a perfect cat for you. Highly intelligent and very loyal, they love being around people. Don’t be surprised if these yellow eyes will greet you near the front door every day just like a dog would.

5. Cat for a busy person

If you are a very busy person and know that the cat will be home alone for most of the day, a Russian Blue might suit you well. They are moderately active and their beautiful fur doesn’t require too much grooming.

6. Experienced cat-owner

If you are an experienced cat-owner, you might be able to handle a Bengal. Very playful, these leopard-looking cats are known for being very independent.

7. Big cats

If you like big cats, Maine Coon is your choice. They are known for having very pleasant personalities and being very patient with children. In the cat world, they are called “Gentle Giants.”

8. Small cats

If you are looking for a small cat, a Munchkin might be just right for you. They have shorter legs than all other cats and it makes them look very unique. These adorable shorties are one of the smallest cat breeds and weigh between 5 lb to 9 lb.

9. Cats for newbies

If you are new in the cat club, a Manx might be a good option for you. They are very friendly, easy-going, and social cats. They also have a very original look – no tail, which makes them look absolutely adorable.

10. Cats for seniors

Persian cats are the perfect breed for you if you don’t mind spending some time on coat maintenance. These stunning-looking cats are very even-tempered and calm and can be sincerely called a quiet cuddler.

11. Alien cats

If you like sci-fi movies, use the great opportunity to have your own alien and get a Sphynx. You will never have a dull day with their unique look, clownish personality, and curious behavior.

12. Hypoallergenic cats

This type of allergy can be from two different sources - Fel d 1 protein in the cat’s saliva or dander. Unfortunately, no cat breed is 100% hypoallergenic but some have less Fel d 1 than others, so there is a chance that it may work for you. A good example is the Balinese breed.

13. Just a cat

At the of the day, every cat just needs a good home. You can always get a furry friend from a shelter and save a life.

14. Choose wisely.

Certainly, the look is very important, but the temperament has to be taken into consideration, just as well.


Babies growing with pets are very happy babies. Plus they look so cute!

What is your favorite cat breed? Or maybe you already have a cat? Share your photos in the comment section below!


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