21 Pets Who Love Their Owners So Much, You Can See It in Their Eyes

Sometimes, a person’s best friend is a furry animal companion. Pets are loveable and loyal, even when you dress them up in funny costumes or prop them up in hilarious poses for social media. From the time we first bring them home to the years we spend with our pets, our love for them radiates brightly in our eyes.

At Bright Side, we gathered 20+ moments that showcase the undeniable love between an owner and their pet, which is clearly visible in their eyes.

1. “She’ll grow up to be a loyal one, mark my words!”

2. “The love in those mirin’ eyes is palpable.”

3. “That’s total trust. A rare and beautiful thing.”

4. “That’s an award winning smile.”

5. “We just adopted Bella and she really likes my fiancé.”

6. “Brought this girl home from the shelter a week ago. Her smile says it all.”

7. “My pig’s selfie game is strong.”

8. “This is what I look forward to every day.”

9. “Every time I look in those eyes, I fall in love again.”

10. “Such a happy dog getting her piggyback ride!”

11. “This is sunshine in a picture.”

12. “I love the way she looks at me.”

13. “This is how my dog sleeps with me every night.”

14. “This picture felt like a hug.”

15. “We just got her a week ago.”

16. “These 2 are forever friends.”

17. “A happy dog with a smile of pure comfort”

18. “This is the smile I get during belly rubs.”

19. “Dogs are wonderful, but with cats you have to earn that love.”

20.“Rey is obviously in love. Look at that face.”

21. “Mitus loving grandma. He is so gentle with her but crazy hyper with anyone else!”

Does your pet give you loving stares of affection? Share your adorable photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit sshapz / reddit, javawong / reddit
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