15 Pics That Prove the Right People Will Always Make You Happy

2 years ago

Spending time with a loved one has always been considered therapeutic, whether with a child, a parent, or a couple of friends. They have the power to lift our spirits and brighten even the gloomiest of days with their unconditional love for us. And the most valuable thing about them is that they adore us without asking for anything in return.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve picked some of the greatest ones for you to brighten your day.

1. “I’ve just asked out my childhood crush after 8 years of wondering. As you can see, she felt very much the same way!”

2. “We finally got my wedding ring after 2 years. No diamonds! My lovely spouse chose crescent moons for my newfound witchiness.”

3. “My siblings and I have managed to pay off our parent’s home. So we’re surprising them later with the news and a cake.”

4. “So there were complications with our daughter but she finally got to come home. Beyond Happy!”

5. “My parents have been an incredible example of love, respect, and communication in marriage.”

6. “At 43, I finally bought my first home for my son and me and met someone fantastic on Reddit.”

“No more trembling! Now I smile every day. Blessed and grateful.”

7. “My mom and her friend Fran, at Fran’s 100th Birthday party!”

8. “The best day of my life.”

9. “My grandparents holding the first baby born in the family in 14 years.”

10. “My daughter Mia was born with the cord wrapped 3 times around her neck. She was saved! This is our first picture at home.”

11. “Took 25 years to find my biological brother. Both of us couldn’t be happier.”

12. “My grandparents were great role models. How they enjoy and cherish life makes me happy.”

13. “My manager gave me this encouraging chocolate bar last night for working overtime in a position I don’t normally work.”

14. “My amazing mother retired at 65. She sewed for us despite having 3 hand operations. I’m glad she can finally enjoy life.”

15. “Because I was sad, my cousin paid for my flight to Australia. And because of that, I decided to work and save! My first sincere smile in years.”

Have you ever experienced the kind of unconditional love depicted in the images above? Do you agree that spending time with a loved one may be therapeutic?

Preview photo credit Harley-Allison / Reddit


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