16 People Whose Sense of Humor Can Pierce Someone Through the Heart

4 years ago

Those who perfectly master the skill of sarcasm can find something funny in the most ordinary or even saddest situations, laughing at both others and themselves.

Bright Side collected prickly jokes from all over the internet to prove that sarcasm will save this world. Or at least a gloomy morning on a gray and wintry weekday. At the end of the article, there is a bonus to prove that black humor can even be found in Toy Story!

"My friends asked me to look after their dog. They forgot that I am Korean."

"Before utilizing a Christmas tree, pack it properly."

"As per the recipe, I should bathe her in her children..."


If there is anything that he lost, it's not his sense of humor for sure.

"Finally, I found an ideal present for my friend."

"I presented a T-shirt to my younger brother."

"My husband always got colored pencils for his birthday and Christmas growing up, and he hates them because he’s colorblind. He’s wanted an iPhone forever, so today I bought him one, and this is how I wrapped it."

No, thank you.

"My dad was shocked when he saw this elf for the first time, but now he insists on putting this elf up every Christmas."

"I ordered a cake for my birthday."

Just a commemorative plaque on a bench in the park!

"My surgeon has an excellent sense of humor."

"This is my bunny. Unfortunately, it is very sick."

His sense of humor will live forever.

"I always look at the photo of my cat falling from the table to ensure that there is someone who looks worse in photos than I do."

Bonus: Unbelievable cruelty in Pixar cartoons

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Awww..such a cute little bunny! Haha! ;) I think I need to meet more people with this level of humor! Anyone like that out there? ;)


all i could say to the last one is oh no oh no oh no no no oh no


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