18 Times Kids’ Creativity Went Out of Control

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5 years ago

Children’s inventive ways are boundless: they can turn an aquarium into a swimming pool, replace chicken nuggets with plastic chickens, and do other incredibly funny things.

Bright Side has decided to take a look at some pictures shared by Internet users. These small geniuses are nothing short of charming!

“My friend’s sister is weird. I won’t come over anymore.”

This girl knows what life is. Just take a look at her Halloween costume.

“It’s always nice getting pictures from our son’s teacher showing how he’s excelling in school.”

“I really want to read this book, but I have a lollipop.”

It’s obvious.

Ingenuity be like:

“I don’t remember putting that on the shopping list...”

“Last night my daughter had a bad dream. Today she made puppets to guard her room while she sleeps.”

“The new kid at my school came in dressed as a banana today. The school lunch included a banana so naturally, everyone was donating their bananas to him.”

How to save your energy:

Don’t make things complicated.

A baby has found a solution.

How to get ice cream fast:

There are only 2 reasons...

“A coffee mug my little brother got for our mom yesterday”

“My little brother decided to do this once he finished all his nuggets.”

“My little sister killed a spider with hairspray, then felt bad about it after.”

“We always get each other ironic gifts. My little sister killed it this year.”

Do your kids find interesting solutions to problems? Share your stories with us!

Preview photo credit NickTooSwaggy / Twitter


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