15+ Situations That Could Be a Scenario for a Comedy Show

2 years ago

The main formula for comedies is getting the lead characters involved in funny and crazy situations. And their reactions or improvised solutions to these twists crack us up even more. But amusing predicaments don’t just happen onscreen — we come across them in our everyday lives too. Luckily, we have our sense of humor to help us figure them out.

Bright Side is giving you front-row seats to a “live” comedy show as we round up 19 photos that could easily give you the giggles.

1. “My dog ate a magazine last night. I pulled this out of his lip just now. I guess he liked it.”

The text on the paper says: “Flavor is pleasant.”

2. “Asked the cashier for the key to the restroom and was handed these.”

3. “I thought something bad happened to our new puppy. But she just found the blackberries that she used as a face mask.”

4. “’Every mouse trap needs a mouse as a lure,’ my Friend, Jack.”

5. “How my workplace deals with leaking pipes”

6. “I asked for some extra sauce.”

7. This woman’s hair is so long that when she puts it under her clothes, it looks like she has a tail.

8. “Went out to run errands, asked my wife if she wanted me to grab her anything. As a joke, she said a horse. Everyone, meet Latte.”

9. “When you forget to measure and account for the skirting board”

10. Now this is true love...

The icing reads: “If you got stung by a jellyfish I would totally pee on you.”

11. “I like how he did this fake plate number in pencil first, realized it wouldn’t pass, then went back over it with a marker.”

12. “Got a new toilet. Didn’t realize I’d be looking into heaven until tonight.”

13. “Since when have we gotten things from outside the planet?”

14. “Surprised the wife with some flour for Valentine’s Day.”

15. “I was tired this morning when I threw the trash out...had a heart attack for a second!”

16. “My sister’s attempt at a homemade caterpillar cake looks like it’s begging for you to end its life.”

17. “Got approached by a squirrel. Does this mean I’m the new Disney princess?”

18. Someone made a real-life version of the dog van from the movie Dumb and Dumber.

19. “My pet rat looks like it’s singing: I came in like a wreeeeeecking ball!”

Do you also feel like sometimes you’re living in a comedy? What recent event made you laugh really hard?

Preview photo credit alem0_o / Reddit


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