13 People Who’ve Found Unusual Counterparts to Common Things

3 years ago

toilet on a hanging rail bridge, a cafe for skiers, a heart-shaped steak — these are the things the heroes of this collection accidentally stumbled upon in different places. And they couldn’t wait to share them with the entire Internet. After all, it’s not every day that you get to meet a skeleton cat or a frozen cactus, but our readers will definitely see all of them today.

We at Bright Side looked through a lot of photos posted by internet users. There is one thing we can say for sure: the world is a diverse place.

1. “A street lamp fell over into the snow outside my apartment. Turns out they’re massive: my hand for scale.”

2. “My local grocery store has heart-shaped steaks for sale for Valentine’s Day.”

3. This photo was taken on the Canadian praries, but kinda looks like it’s the Moon."

4. “My cat has white lines going down each leg. From underneath she looks skeletal.”

5. “Canadian winter boot left tiny maple leaf prints in the snow.”

6. The juice from the prickly pear cactus fruit formed an icicle!

7. “Snow formation on my roof looked pretty cool.”

8. “Our pond froze over and formed a cool pattern.”

9. “Our park has a wheelchair swing.”

10. “Our new car came with lighted seatbelt buckles.”

11. “This McDonalds in Sweden has a McSki. In fact, it’s the only cafe for skiers.”

12. The dew forming on this trampoline is squared out by the fabric.

13. “This squirrel with 4 ears lives in my backyard.”

Do you have any photos of unusual things in your archive?

Preview photo credit Pusheenthestudent / Reddit


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