19 Pics That Prove Sometimes Designers Get a Little Too Creative

year ago

As it turns out, not every idea that seems genius at 3 a.m. is as equally brilliant when it comes to life. If you’ve never thought that Louisiana looks like a certain letter of the alphabet, we have a surprise for you. However, bad designs are a lot of fun to look at and laugh at. That’s why today we have epic fails from designers that scream, “We need a long vacay.” And these artists truly deserve a little time off.

1. “The navy blue L has to be on purpose, right?”

2. “A nutrition label that you can’t read until you buy and open the product”

3. “This hotel bathroom when you turn the bathroom light on at night”

4. This bike rack looks like a real-life dilemma.

5. “I mean, in what scenario is this required? Fraternity rush week?”

6. “Found this beauty at my local college.”

7. “It’s pretty good advice.”

8. “This packaging is obscuring a fairly important part of the message.”

9. “This mug that I saw yesterday that says ’neVy york.’”

10. Hame, sweet hame...

11. “If only Louisiana looked like a letter of the alphabet.”

12. “They just don’t go together.”

13. “My grandparents’ carpeted bathroom”

14. “This is just terrifying.”

15. “This cranberry bagel character looks...infected.”

16. What happens when it rains...

17. “This chandelier at a restaurant I ate at bothers me so much.”

18. “The sink attached to the toilet, forming a perfect slide.”

19. “I just wanted to see the time of the next bus.”

Which of these epic design fails did you like or hate the most?

Preview photo credit AbstractedFilth / Reddit


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