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21 Reasons to Not Adopt a Bull Terrier (Spoiler Alert: There Are Way Too Many Cuddles Required)

Every dog breed has something special, a feature or personality trait that people often mistakenly use to talk about all breeds in general. But the truth is that every breed can be as unique as it is irreplaceable. Every dog breed is one-of-a-kind. For instance, take bull terriers. They have been feared for a long time because of their appearance, but that’s nothing more and nothing less than a very interesting feature of their breed that makes them special.

Bright Side loves all types of animals, regardless of their breed or gender. So we made a compilation of some pictures that are actual proof that everyone should think twice before generalizing comments about bull terriers!

1. Bull terriers can be terribly impatient.

2. They are *such* boring dogs.

3. They clearly hate cuddling.

4. They always get into this threatening pose.

5. They’re pretty ugly as puppies.

6. They never get tired.

7. And they’re so difficult to have as a pet at home.

8. Their muzzle might seem very threatening.

9. They destroy any plant that happens to be in their way.

10. They never want to play.

11. They hate sharing their space with others.

12. They have so much energy, it’s impossible to deal with them.

13. They hate the cold.

14. They don’t get along with other dogs.

15. Their fierce looks are scary.

16. Their tongue is rough and ugly.

17. They don’t make you go “Awww” like other dogs.

18. They are undisciplined and disobedient.

19. They don’t adapt to all people.

20. They’re so serious there’s no way to make them happy.

21. It’s such a wild dog, there’s no way you can adopt one.

Do you know of any other breed of dog that is feared or stigmatized because of its appearance or its character traits?

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